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Ayuttva ToneQ, a Natural Formula for Age & Dark Spots

There is no way to avoid getting older, that’s a given. But, with the right mindset, diet, and organic and natural products we can do so gracefully and effectively. Wrinkles, fine lines, and sagging skin are things we have to contend with year after year. As if that wasn’t enough, those unsightly age spots surface in the most awkward places on our bodies.

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Knowing how to deal with age spots productively means learning what they are and what causes them. Taking an excerpt from the Medical Medium’s Liver Rescue Book, it reads “Age spots are caused by internally produced dermatoxins made of one-half methylated aluminum and the other half a mix of methylated cadmium, nickel, lead, and mercury; different types of age spots depend on the composition of that second half. Medical science and research aren’t aware that internally produced dermatoxins exist. Nor do they know they cause age spots and other skin conditions.” A list of powerful foods, herbs, and supplements for your liver is recommended at the back of the book.


But, in the meantime, there are copious products and treatments available to those eager to expedite the process, but not all yield successful results. Many of us turn to The Ayurvedic Experience for the ultimate in skincare products, but they also carry a plethora of health-enhancing products including TonEQ, an Ayurvedic supplement for Even-Toned, Brightened and Healthy Skin.

At the moment, this product is only available in the US!

Get even-toneds brightened skin with a reduced look of pigmentation caused by sun damage, aging, stress, and more right through your gut to your skin!

Amazing Benefits of TonEQ – a Scientifically Proven Formula

đź’™Scientifically proven to down-regulate excess melanin up to 75%, reducing age spots, patchiness, and pigmentation
đź’™Evens skin tone and gives skin the looks blemish free all over your body
đź’™Has 15+ anti-aging herbs loaded with potent antioxidants
đź’™Provides essential Ayurvedic phytonutrients for sun-damaged, photo-aged, and dark spot-ridden skin
đź’™Supports Photo-protection for your skin and strengthens its response to UV and free radical damage
đź’™Reduces dullness, activates glow, and boosts brightness visibly in 2 – 4 weeks

US FDA registered facility | Gluten-free | Vegan Ingredients | No GMO | 3rd Party Lab Tested | Heavy Metal Tested | Tested for Impurities (pesticides and aflatoxins) | Tested for Safety (microbial and pathogens)


  1. Does your product work well on African American skin? I don’t wish to lighten my skin just the dark spots.

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