Natural Remedies for Women’s Health

A natural and holistic approach to wellness and optimal health is getting more prevalent. More and more people search for and want natural remedies instead of synthetic drugs contaminating their already overloaded systems. Some European countries, like Switzerland, cover the cost of homeopathy, complementary and alternative treatments. Other countries include Norway, Denmark, Lithuanian, Austria, and Germany. They are blazing the trail for more countries to follow suit. North America has not reached this understanding yet. But, we do have access to brilliant alternative medicine practitioners and an abundance of well-written books that offer practical guidance. A new book to reach the market is Natural Remedies For Women’s Health, it has over 100 herbal recipes for every phase of life.

natural and herbal remedies for women

Natural Remedies For Women’s Health offers alternative ways to support your health using plants and herbs. It covers women’s cycles of health from ages 14 to 50. Sadly, they don’t think life after 50 should be included, so I was disappointed about this omission. The book is divided into 5 categories.

  • Anxiety & Stress
  • Menstruation
  • Hormonal Imbalances
  • Perimenopause & Menopause
  • Skin & Body Health

Herbs can be applied in a number of different ways that include Tea, Tincture, Poultice, Capsules, Herbal oils, and Salves. Use is reflective of the condition you are dealing with. Sometimes a topical treatment is best and other times an internal treatment like teas or tinctures will better serve your body. The onset of the book features a list of common female conditions and which herb/s can help treat them.

natural remedies

Each chapter offers a plethora of herbal recipes that include what they are good for. Plus, they show full- color photos of the herbs and remedy. The symbols share the prep time, steep time, cook time, and infusion days.

natural Remedies

Some of the recipes included are Valerian Root Sleep Tea, Bloat Relief Tea, Mood Boost Tincture, Liver Support Tincture, Hot Flush Tea, Deep Facial Cleaners and Hair Thinning Capsules. I was really impressed with the variety of recipes for improving the health of our skin and face. The ingredients may be a challenge to find though. Unless you live in a large city, you may not have access to the flowers, herb powders, clays, and pure organic essential oils required for the recipes. You’ll have to find a provider online and there is an abundance of them.

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