Natural Vitality Organic Supplements

The market is saturated with a tremendous amount of supplements and vitamins. Many such supplements claim to help with various conditions so we take them in an effort to get better and see some results. Unfortunately, there are a lot of inferior supplements that include toxic ingredients. We have to read the labels and understand what the ingredients really are. For instance, magnesium stearate or stearic acid is used as a flow agent in making capsules. It prevents the ingredients from sticking to the machines. It’s been proven that stearic acid suppresses your Natural Killer T-Cells. Did you know that there are companies that make synthetic vitamins? Again we have to read the labels and recognize that synthetic and unnatural ingredients can be potentially harmful to your health/bodies not to mention totally useless in successfully preventing or treating any condition.

On the positive side, there are also several companies that make organic supplements. Natural Vitality is a vibrant company that has chosen to formulate high quality and award-winning dietary supplements. Their mission is to provide us with the best possible products that include organic plant-based ingredients. All the fruits and vegetables they use are organically grown, so there are no GMO products are found in any of their vitamins or supplements. There are no pesticides, fungicides, or any harmful toxin present in any of their products. Using organic vitamins and supplements assures us our bodies will absorb them efficiently and get the maximum benefit from them.

I had the opportunity to try several of Natural Vitality’s products and I was quite impressed. Organic Life Vitamins is a plant-based liquid that is loaded with oodles of nutritious ingredients that will give you a big burst of energy. Included are organic aloe and 24 organic superfruits, fruits and veggies, and essential vitamins and trace minerals.

We really loved this product. It can be used in the morning or anytime you feel you need a boost. We couldn’t believe how much energy we felt after using the OLV so we used it mostly during that afternoon lag time. Between 2 – 4 pm I feel my body starting to lose energy, so having an ounce of the Organic Life Vitamins will definitely energize you. You can take it straight or add it to your smoothie. It has a delightful fruit flavor that is so delicious. I really like that it’s in liquid form. I have umpteen kids in my home at any time and the smaller kids seem to have a sensitive gag reflex when taking capsules and have refused to take vitamins for that reason. They really enjoyed the flavor and had no idea how profoundly beneficial this supplement is.

Natural Calm – Anti-Stress uses magnesium and calcium as the foundation of this supplement. Arguably calcium and magnesium are very important nutrients that our bodies must have to stay healthy. Deficiencies in either or both can cause havoc in our bodies. There are so many factors that influence how we deal with stress and some people are more prone to stress. If you’re stressed out your body will use up its supply of magnesium and calcium so it’s constructive to take these in supplement form.

Natural Calm is a tasty powder that you add to any fluid. I put two teaspoons in my smoothie and I’ve also used it in the evening if I’ve had a hectic or stressful day. It has a nice calming effect that lends itself to a peaceful sleep. It also comes in convenient individual travel packs. Best of all is it’s made from vegan, gluten-free, and organic ingredients.

As a raw vegan, I have been advised to take a B Complex vitamin every day. Many vegans and vegetarians are B12 deficient, and even meat-eaters can also have low levels. I was taking a B complex that I picked up at my local health food store but I was surprised when my B12 blood levels were alarming low. I soon discovered that there are two kinds of B12, Cyanocobalamin, and Methylcobalamin. I was taking Cyanocobalamin which you will find in the cheaper B12 supplements but switched once I became aware of a better source.

Methylcobalamin is the best form of vitamin B12. It’s the one that exists in nature and our bodies can absorb easily. I was thrilled to see that Natural Vitality’s Vitamin B Complex has there B12 listed as methylcobalamin. Make sure you read which B12 you are buying and don’t waste your money on the synthetic stuff. I can confirm that using the right B complex will have a huge effect on your health.

Natural Vitality also carries a Vitamin C Complex. It’s unanimous that Vitamin C is a necessary nutrient that our bodies need. It’s so effective in warding off cold and flu symptoms and in aiding our immune systems. It’s great at protecting your cells from free radicals as well. It’s used in countless skincare products to help reduce wrinkles. It’s also diverse in protecting cardiovascular and eye health and promotes longevity. It’s a hero that should be in everyone’s vitamin cupboard. Of course eating a diet high in raw fruits and vegetables, especially citrus will aid us in getting our daily dose of Vitamin C. Natural Vitality’s Vitamin C is made from Amla or Indian Gooseberries. Amla berries contain 20 times the Vit C in oranges so this could definitely be called a superfood. It’s a high-quality Vit C and I’m so happy it’s in this product. Natural Vitality has clearly gone out of their way to create unparalleled vitamins for our ultimate health. They are a company that warrants and deserves our support.

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.