Nerf N-Strike Elite Mega Magnus Blaster for Spring Break Fun!

Why is it that boys just seem to get into more mischief than girls? If they’re idle or bored, their inner rascal emerges and their vivid imaginations run rampant. With the spring break near, it’s great to plan events and have various games and toys for the kids to play with. Enter Nerf toys.

Hasbro is devoted to all kids and parents. They create toys and games that bring out the secret genius in all children… and maybe a few adults! Hasbro knows all about boys and the gadgets they love to tinker with. Way back when, even before my time, the boys played cowboys & Indians, then cops and robbers, and now, we’re talking serious commando battles! Some kids simply like target shooting. One of Hasbro’s products is the Nerf line and it kids really dig them.

We recently got the awesome Nerf N-Strike Elite Mega Magnus Blaster toy. It’s quite lightweight considering its size; it comes with three foam mega darts which will all fit into the loading chamber at once. It’s got a nice comfortable grip and it’s very easy to use.

It’s quite powerful and can shoot up to 85 feet. We personally have a firm rule, if the kids use this toy, they cannot target any people or animals, period!! They line up bottles, hang their dartboard, use a designated poster or shoot out balloons. The boys will practice for hours and hours trying to get their aim right. They love this very cool shooter and it keeps them out of mischief just a little longer! Spring break is looking good!!

Disclaimer: I received a product for review only. The views expressed here are mine, yours may differ.