Nerf Super Soakers, Blast Through Summer!

In the good old days, we had sprinklers to run through and goof off around during the hot and humid summers days. We’d collect water is some sort of container and run around trying to seriously saturate each other. Raising my family, we had small water squirters that were fairly useless, but they had fun no less. Today, we have some serious water rockstars that are called soakers. They aim far and mean business.

Hasbro is no stranger to summer fun and they are the leaders in creating some awesome Nerf Super Soakers that can marinate your opponent in cold tap water, Brrrr. This summer, Hasbro has two high ranking soakers, the Nerf Super Soaker Barrage, and the Nerf Rebelle Dolphina, that the kiddo’s have learned to use masterfully with the aim of drenching anyone who crosses their path.

Nerf Super Soaker

The Nerf Barrage is a cool looking, large capacity super soaker, who’s reservoir holds up to 2.4 L of water. It’s a pump action piston pumper that uses water as ammo. The nozzle is unique in that it offers three settings, distance, scatter, and flood. The distance mode will shoot water up to 38 feet, the scatter will spray a much larger area, and the flood offers a huge gush of water. You just turn the nozzle to get the desired flow and target of choice.

Nerf Barrage super soaker


It offers a fairly good aim and a really comfortable contoured triggerless grip. We did find that when the reservoir was full, it felt top heavy and you need both hands to hold it up and aim. The reservoir has a snap cap closure with a small vent hole in it’s center. We were really impressed with the volume of water it dispensed out in each mode. The kids were also thrilled with the distance the water traveled as well. No one was safe! It’s well built, sturdy, and has tolerated an abundance of abuse. It’s a hit in our yard!

Nerf Dolphina Bow

Okay, boys beware, cause the girls have their own water blaster, the Nerf Dolphina. This gorgeous soaker is stylishly shaped like a bow and works with the same pump action. It has a much smaller capacity compared to the Barrage, with only 739 mLs of reservoir space. The bow handle is where all the action starts. You push the handle forward and pull back to fire out a blast of water on your unsuspecting target. It has a single nozzle, so only one mode of water stream which is quite decent. It’s super easy to fill and it’s incredibly lightweight when full. It’s easy to balance and it’s very comfortable to hold and grip. The kids adore this beauty!

This summer is going to be uber fun and really wet, thanks to Hasbro!

I received the very cool Nerf Super Soakers for review purposes only. The opinions I shared here are my own, yours just might vary or differ, and that’s totally okay!!