New Year’s Eve Budget Friendly Party Ideas

Everyone is popping a bottle, and glasses are clinking! That’s the sound of celebrating a Happy New Year’s Eve. We’re ready to party all night long with good friends, good food, and great times. Here are a few party bash ideas to welcome 2017 in without breaking the bank.


For decor, I like to keep it simple with one or two decorations. Balloons are a simple and expensive party decoration that puts everyone in a cheerful and celebratory mood. They’re fun, colorful and provide a perfect background for family and guest photos. Your home will most likely be decked out with festive lights, but adding an elegant strand or two of micro LED’s on your mantel or around some doorways will add ambience to the party.

Music Playlist

Although silence is golden, it’s not the perfect fit with the final minutes of 2016 ticking away. Plan a playlist that everyone will enjoy. There are plenty of songs geared toward New Year’s Eve from nostalgic crooners to current rockers. Here are a few examples of vintage songs from the past; Let’s Start the New Year Right by Bing Crosby, Happy New Year by Judy Garland, Happy New Year by Abba, Celebration by Kool and the Gang, The Final Countdown by Europe, Golden Years by Davie Bowie, What Are You Doing New Year’s Eve by Ella Fitzgerald and the classic Auld Lang Syne.

Some modern party songs would be; Raise Your Glasses by Pink, I’ve Got a Feeling by The Black Eyed Peas, Firework by Katy Perry, New Years Day by Pentatonix, New Year’s Eve by Snoop Dogg featuring Marty James, New Year’s Day by U2, This is the New Year by A Great Big World, and Auld Lang Syne by Mariah Carey. No matter what music you’re playing, get up and dance and enjoy the last day of 2016.

Cocktails, Appetizers and Finger Food

Finding yummy recipes to keep your party going is easy. There are copious ideas on the web and many of them are budget-friendly and quick to make. A punch bowl and a few simple snacks can go a long way. Chips and dip, pretzels and popcorn, a cheese platter, Stuffed mushrooms, Egg rolls, Parmesan Tortellini Bites,  Potato wedges, Peppermint Bark, cookies, squares, and cakes.

Although we have wine at our New Year’s get-togethers, we also have children and people who don’t drink present. There are lots of non-alcoholic drink ideas you can make for your New Year’s Eve guests. We like Orange Creamsicle Shirly Temples, Sparkling Cranberry Ginger Punch,  Pineapple Orange Sherbert Punch, Hot Chocolate, and so many more.

Games & Activities

We like to play board games, card games, and charades. Go skating and catch the fireworks display that your city is putting on for its residents. Watch the countdown on TV; most stations will have a special New Year’s event with music and a clock to countdown to 2017. Get a jar and small pieces of paper so everyone can write down one or two New Year’s resolutions. Lastly, take pictures and reminisce over 2016!

Happy New Years


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