Next by Nature Chocolates

One of the most irresistible foods in the world is chocolate. Eating this heaven-sent decadent treat floods our body with feel-good dopamine, which is why we addictively reach for it when we need an energy boost, or cheering up. It’s recognized as the symbol of love and sensuality like no other food. It’s also the dominant and favorite gift to give on special occasions like Valentine’s.

Every Valentine’s we’re stung by cupids arrow and habitually run out and buy a cutesy stuffed toy and a typical box of cheap artificial flavored chocolate. This year, let’s put some mindful thought into giving a healthier version of chocolates like those created by Next by Nature!

Next by Nature is an ethical company that offers a natural alternative to standard chocolates. They create a variety of chocolate-covered snacks made from natural dark chocolate and real fruit, nuts, and more. What’s also impressive is that none of their products contain any additives, preservatives, or glutens. As a parent, this is appealing and a huge factor when I purchase any food items.

There are lots of benefits from eating natural chocolate, it’s a potent source of antioxidants, and its flavonoids have been shown to lower blood pressure, boost blood flow, and reduce blood clots. It’s high in manganese, copper, magnesium, and has plenty of iron, potassium, zinc, and selenium.

We got to try out their snacks and my family is completely smitten. There’s nothing more satisfying than chocolate-covered fruit and this winning combination is a favorite in my home. The fruits are supple, chewy, and exploding with flavor. It’s impossible to stop at just one!

Chocolate covered nuts are universally loved and Next by Nature knows this. They offer a healthy selection of lavishly chocolate covered nuts that will satisfy anyone’s cravings and take the edge of those munchie moments. They certainly don’t skimp on their ingredients. I was expecting small pieces, but they’re bags are filled with chocolate-covered full-sized nuts for the most part. The nuts are crunchy and taste amazingly fresh.

If you’re looking for some different flavor combinations, then look no further. Next by Nature offers chocolate-covered Cayenne Pepper, Ginger, Quinoa, Pretzels and Espresso Beans! Wow, a few of these combos would never have crossed my mind, but the flavors are lovely. I absolutely love the chocolate covered ginger. The zing of the ginger and the sweet, creamy chocolate are a divine fusion of pure deliciousness. The quinoa is awesome too; it reminds me a lot of macaroons, but a much healthier version.

The bags are small, so they’re the perfect size for a hearty snack. You can toss a bag in your pocket and take it to school, work, the gym, and they’re perfect for traveling too. The bags are resealable so they retain every bit of freshness and flavor no matter how many times you open them. With Valentine’s coming around the corner, you have time to select a healthier alternative and Next by Nature is an ideal choice. Swing by and check out their organic line of snacks as well.