NEXT Organics Chocolate

Chocolate, oh how I love thee. Chocolate is the world’s perfect food, it’s euphorically pleasing to the soul. It symbolizes luxury, comfort, sensuality, gratification, and love like no other food. It also speaks volumes when we just can’t find the words like Your Special, I’m Sorry, and I LOVE YOU!

I think that’s why chocolate is so popular on Valentine’s Day. It personifies gushes of adoration from the heart. There are oodles of chocolates on the market, but year after year we see the same old brands with the same old flavors. This year, let cupid’s arrow point you into organic directions, and give something different, something unique, like Next Organics.

is an ethical and sustainable company that offers the ideal snack, natural and organic, dark chocolate covered nuts and fruits. First, I’m very happy they carry organic chocolates, I personally don’t want chemicals in my families snacks/treats when a healthier alternative is available. If offered a choice, I always choose organics first. I was also really delighted to see that dark chocolate is used. Dark chocolate has a prestigious list of attributes, it’s a potent source of antioxidants, which fight and devour free radicals. Its flavonoids have been shown to lower blood pressure, boost blood flow, and reduce blood clots. It’s high in manganese, copper, magnesium and has plenty of iron, potassium, zinc, and selenium. Dark chocolate is also a mood smoother, it’s a perfect anti-depressant that has a way of soothing our emotional woes and making all things better. What a remarkable and oh so yummy food!

Beyond the health profile, all of Next Organics products tastes divine. We got to try out all ten of their organic product line and we are totally smitten.

NEXT Organics Chocolate Fruit flavors

Aside from chocolate, I absolutely adore cherries and bananas. I was astonished to find full-sized cherries covered in a thick rich layer of chocolate. I was expecting small bits of cherries, so this was a pleasant surprise. These cherries are huge and somehow this company has managed to capture and maintain their fresh taste. You can’t stop at one. The apricots are diced and bananas sliced, both offer moist, soft fruit that’s smothered in abundant chocolate. Pop one in your mouth and it takes a little while to melt before you reach the juicy and sweet-tasting fruit, I savored every heavenly second. The little kiddos in my family were loving these a lot. They don’t really like dark chocolate as a rule, but they really enjoyed these.

The fats and sugars are about the same as shelf chocolates which are reasonable, but the sodium is uber low, and the cholesterol and trans fats are zero.

NEXT Organics Dark Chocolate

If you love coconut, then you’ll be tempted to overindulge with this treat. The coconut is impressively supple, it’s sliced into a bite-size square and rectangle pieces with oodles of chocolate covering every single piece. They really do taste like fresh-cut coconut morsels. I’m a big ginger fan, but I never thought of combining it with chocolate, wow, it tastes so wonderful. They use fresh organic ginger which definitely still has its natural spicy flavor and zing factor. The pretzels were a huge hit as well, the saltiness of a crispy snack partnered with chocolate is a winning combo.

NEXT Organics Chocolate Nuts

Next Organic has not forgotten to cover our favorite nuts. They offer four varieties, brazil nuts, cashews, walnuts, and almonds. Each full-size nut is lavishly covered with dark chocolate and still retain their natural oils and freshness. What can I say, resistance is futile.

The combinations created with their ambrosial dark chocolate are scrumptious and addictive. I like that Next Organics doesn’t skimp on their products; they consciously choose to include only the best ingredients and it shows.

Valentine’s Day is an exciting wintermission event to look forward to. It’s cheerful and breaks up the winter blues. It’s fast approaching and we have lots of time to select a healthier gift. I like to buy memorable gifts for everyone in my family, but especially for the kids, they get totally absorbed in the whole meaning of Valentine’s Day. They really love chocolate and I want to give them a higher quality snack, and knowing these are organic makes it that much better.

If chocolate is on your list this year, and you want to show someone just how special they are, I highly recommend Next Organics! They’ll love you for it! If you’re looking for healthier snacks year-round, the ziplock bags offer perfect portability. Take a bag to school, work, the gym, and they’re perfect for traveling too.

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.