Nokia Lumia 830 Windows Phone

Nokia has been involved in the telecommunications industry for decades and is known for its high quality and great value smartphones. They are also historically recognized for their award-winning designs. They offer a wide variety of phones reflective of your needs. If you just happen to be in the market for a new phone or want to upgrade your current Nokia with the latest and coolest features without breaking the budget, then their newest Microsoft phone may interest you.

The Nokia 830 offers the essentials plus some handsome attributes like wireless charging, FM radio, NFC, LTE connectivity, and it even supports 128 GB microSD memory cards. It also includes Windows 8.1 and the Word Flow keyboard introduced on the previous model, the Nokia 635.

Visually, it’s an edgy slim phone with an attractive dark aluminum frame, definitely a flagship worthy design. It kind of has a boxy androgynous look but feels nice and solid to hold. It comes in four colors: black, orange, green, and white. Height: 139.4 mm, Width: 70.7 mm, Thickness2: 8.5 mm & Weight: 150 g.

Nokia phone

It has a 5 inch, 720p HD screen which offers its users crisp clear images and colors. It has a fairly fast processor with a quad-core Snapdragon 400 CPU, a rockin’ clock rate of 1200 MHz, and it comes with 1 GB RAM to run Windows 8.1. The 830 shares the same processors as the Lumia 630, 635, 730, and 735. Rumor has it though, that the Snapdragon 400 chipset is deemed passe’. It will interesting to see if their next phone will don a snappier processor. So, this might be a let down for those looking for better performance.

That being said, for my needs I found it loaded incredibly fast, no lags or delays, so I was impressed. The Windows 8.1 OS allows you to add your own background images to your Live Tiles and resize them to several different sizes. I love the Touchscreen technology, it’s so sensitive, you barely have to touch the screen and it’s off fulfilling your commands.

The right side has the volume, power/lock key, and I’m very happy to say a camera key. The Nokia 830’s predecessor removed the key and you had to access your camera through your phone, so not cool! So, I’m glad it’s back where it belongs.

On top, you have your 3.5 mm headphone jack and USB port. The back sports an awesome 10 MP camera, the flash, and a mic: you’ll find the speaker at the bottom. The front of the 830 has another camera on top for videos and selfies, the sensors are adjacent to the camera, and your mic is at the bottom. The tough stuff screen features the latest Corning Gorilla Glass technology. It’s effortless to clean off the smudges and is easy to view in all shades of day and night.

The 830 has a plethora of sensors, including SensorCore. If you’re into collecting data about your life, like how much exercise or sleep you’re getting or what foods you eat and calories burned, then this sensor will excite you. It allows you to utilize sensor data in an extremely power-efficient way with a negligible impact on battery life. This hardware component acts as a buffer between the sensors and the applications.

So, I have to say that the PureView camera with OIS and Zeiss optics, really excited me. My old phone’s camera is a total fail compared to the 10 MP of the 830. It’s basically goof-proof with OIS, which helps counteract camera shake. A lot of high-end phones don’t carry this feature, so this is a huge bonus.

All the shots I took whether indoors or outdoors, came out clear, bright, and perfect, except for the ones that were my error, like catching my cats in motion or not holding the phone steady.

I was able to take uber clear images and downloaded them onto my computer via the USB cable. Now, I’m NOT a tech person, so I wasn’t sure if I could do this. The support offered on the Nokia website is incredible, it literally walked me through the process smoothly and easily.

I was also able to test drive making a video and I was happy that it turned out so great, the images were clear and distinct. With 3 mic Rich Recording, it’s easier than ever to shoot high-quality videos with excellent sound. I love being able to catch those impromptu moments and have confidence they will turn out flawless, and so far I haven’t been let me down.

I loved all the user-friendly, ingenious features the 830 offers, and I continue to grow with my new savvy phone. The more I use it, the more I adore it. The Nokia 830 is being marketed as its first affordable flagship phone. It’s really a high mid-range phone that’s ideal for those who want to take off their training wheels and graduate to a more sophisticated phone. It’s on the market for $500, but prices vary with each provider plan.