NutriBullet Review

It’s no surprise that obesity, stress, and disease are alarming high and on the rise when we look at the average person’s food choices. Fast foods, GMO foods, and processed foods are nutrient depleted. They are loaded with toxins and have virtually no nourishing calorie to them, making them very poor food choices. Eating organic whole foods, real foods, is a much better option.

As a raw vegan, I prepare my meals differently from the rest of the family. I have a juice every morning and I always have one or two smoothies every day. Salads are good and I love them a lot but most of us don’t chew our food thoroughly or long enough to break down the cellulose. If you swallow your food with minimal chewing, you should be prepared for some uncomfortable digestion issues.

Having a high power blender can break up your fruits, veggies, and greens so you can absorb the nutrients into your bloodstream lickety-split. I have a couple of big powerful blenders that work fabulously but being I’m the only raw vegan in my family, it’s a lot of blender for one person. Having a single serving blender would be ideal and I found just the perfect one.

The NutriBullet is one of the best appliances you could possibly add to your home. It’s not called a blender, it’s called a Superfood nutrition extractor. It has completely impressed me and I love all its attributes. It has 600 watts of mean pulverizing power that quickly turns your solid food into pure healthy nourishing liquid. Its cyclonic action breaks down food on a cellular level exposing their nutritional value so you get the benefit immediately. The NutriBullet comes with the power base, an extractor blade, a milling blade, a tall cup, one short cup and one handled lip comfort ring, one handled short cup and one comfort lip ring, 2 resealable lids, one user guide and recipe book and one pocket nutritionist. It contains everything you need to get started on a healthier path.

Endorser David Wolfe is a raw food guru and longevity and nutrition expert and he said the NutriBullet changed his life. Why, because of its ability to unleash and release nutrients from foods, literally transforming them for ordinary foods into superfoods. Wow, that sounds good to me. We all want to get every bit of nutrition we can from the foods we eat and drinking a smoothie or blended meal as some call it, is a perfect way to do it.

I wanted to see if the NutriBullet could pulverize and blend my smoothies equally as well as my bigger blenders. I put seaweed in my smoothies and it can be difficult to blast it apart. I put all my ingredients into the tall glass, added some pure water, attached my extractor blade, and let the NutriBullet do its work. I pulsed a few times to distribute the food and then left it on for about one minute. The results were a smooth and delicious liquid meal. Even the seaweed was completely blended, quite remarkable. The Mill blade did an awesome job at turning almonds and flax into a nice even meal texture. I  also put cashews with some water and a pinch of pink salt and made my own delicious cashew butter. I threw some raw oats in and made my own oat flour, I was really dazzled and happy this blade worked so well. I didn’t want to stop using it.

I really liked looking through the User Guide and Recipe Book. It’s bursting with great advice and delicious recipes. I would call this book a health Bible, it’s a must-have for all kitchens. The book is broken down into the different body systems and each section has numerous recipes you can test out. Each section is broken down even further regarding specific concerns. For instance, in the section Nourishing Your Digestive System, it had recipes for heartburn, indigestion correction, and constipation relief. The book is very organized and loaded with beautiful bright and colorful pictures. I’ve used a lot of the recipes from the Nourishing Your Immune System and really enjoyed making and drinking them.

I now use the NutriBullet every day and I love how efficiently it makes my smoothie and how quickly I can clean up. It’s perfect and I just love it!!

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.