October Gruesome Howloween Books

Double double toil and trouble – Fire burn and cauldron bubble” cackled the witches of Macbeth. Without question, Halloween is the spookiest and eeriest time of year. Many of us love to celebrate this day with dreadful decorations, frightening but fun foods, and spine-chilling horror stories. Stories that give you goosebumps, instill fear, and disturb your sleep.

Who doesn’t love ghostly and ghoulish tales that take you out of your comfort zone and tip the needle on the fear factor? They are what make this hallowed evening a night you might gravely regret. Sound inviting? Perfect, I have just the stories. So get comfy, grab your security blanket, and be prepared for some unsettling and blood-curdling tales… if you dare!

Monstrous Tales

Monstrous Tales is a collection of traditional folktales about bewitching and bloodthirsty creatures. Translated and transcribed in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, these tales celebrate the diversity of—and surprising resonances among—folklore traditions around the world. 

Welcome to a world of magical adventure: a mysterious wolf pursues a bridegroom through a dark forest, a princess is trapped in a monster’s body, and a dragon is coming with a storm in its wake. As readers roam from Japan to Nigeria and Ireland to Guyana, they’ll witness deadly pacts, heroic feats, and otherworldly journeys. Features tales from Australia, China, Estonia, Finland, France, Great Sioux Nation, Guyana, Iceland, India, Inuit Nunangat, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Nigeria, Philippines, Pueblo of Isleta, Scotland, South Africa, Syria, Turkey, and Ukraine.

Ghostly Tales

A vengeful phantom lurks in a country graveyard.
A whaling crew becomes trapped on a haunted ship.
A human skull is kept locked in a cupboard, but
sometimes at night, it screams. . . . 

This collection of tales transports the reader to a time when staircases creaked in old manor houses, and a candle could be blown out by a gust of wind, or by a passing ghost. Penned by some of the greatest Victorian novelists and masters of the ghost story genre, each story is illustrated with exquisitely eerie artwork in this special gift edition featuring an embossed textured case and a ribbon marker.

Disclaimer: I received complimentary books to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.