One-Skein Wonders Knitting Books

Knitting is no longer looked upon as an ‘old person’ craft. It’s not something people pick up just because they hit a certain age bracket. Although knitting and crocheting both have umpteen physical and emotional benefits for all ages, not just seniors. I started knitting when I was about 5 and there are more and more people teaching their young kids the fun and joy of knitting. There is no age limit to knitting and it’s a favorite hobby for millions of people. It’s creative, it’s rewarding, it’s active recreation and it’s addictive!

As with any craft passion, there comes books, accessories, and supplies galore. My mom owned a yarn store when I was growing up, so I’ve become accustomed to having large amounts of yarn, innumerable crafter books, and knitting needles. I have several toolboxes full of knitting needles because you can never have enough of them for all your continuous projects. I also have several storage cupboards that house the plethora of craft books I own. But, that will never stop me from adding to my crafty collections.

 One-Skein Wonder Knitting Patterns

I recently received two new knitting books that focus on creating projects with just one skein! As with most projects we usually have at least one skein left. This skein will sit on a shelf until we find a purpose for it. My new books One-Skein Wonders and One-Skein Wonder for Babies each offer 101 knitting projects using just one skein.

One-Skein Wonders is divided into eight categories according to the weight of yarn. Yarn weight ranges anywhere from bulky to fingering to novelty yarns. Each yarn opens up opportunities to make a wide range of projects.

  • Bulky Weight Yarns
  • Heavy Worsted Yarns
  • Worsted-Mohair Yarns
  • Worsted-Weight Yarns
  • Galler of Projects: Picture This
  • Sports-Weight Yarns
  • Fingering -Weight Yarns
  • Novelty Yarns

Regardless of the yarn you have lingering in your home, you’ll learn how to turn them into trendy garments and household items. So dig out your orphan yarn and get stitching with these creative patterns. Each pattern features a size, yarn weight, and easy-to-follow instructions. The center of the book offers full-color photos of the finished projects. In the margins, you’ll also find pattern stitch variations if you’re looking to amp up your garment.

Some of the projects you can creat include a Filigree Scarf, Baby Gnome Hat, Seafoam Shawl, Tea Cozy, Hand Warmers, Curtain Tie Back and many more. All the patterns are easy to make, so they’re ideal for beginners as well.

 One-Skein Wonder for Babies Knitting patterns

The One-Skein Babies features 101 adorable patterns for our precious little babies and toddlers. I love making baby items; they’re adorable and super quick to make. Babies love cozy and each and every one of these darling patterns is cute and cuddly. The content is divided into clothing and accessories instead of yarn weight. But, all the patterns can be made with just one skein of yarn…reflective on the size of the yarn skein of course. Some skeins are 50 grams, while others are 5 oz or 8 ounces.

  • Little Ensembles
  • Little Tops
  • Little Bottoms
  • Little Dresses
  • Little Hats
  • Little Socks & Booties
  • Little Accessories
  • Little Blankets
  • Little Toys
  • Little Miscellaneous

Each pattern features a full-color photo along with the size, yarn weight and easy to follow pattern. Some of the patterns also include a template with the correct sizes for each piece of the garment. Others will have a chart to follow for those who enjoy using them. I happen to love them! One thing the patterns are missing is skill level. But, I think looking at the pattern image will inspire you enough to know if you can make if you are a newbie.

There is a pattern for every child and every occasion! Plus, you’ll finally use up those single skeins of yarn. Both books are perfect for any crafter’s library. They are beautifully compiled and illustrated and offer such diverse and interesting patterns, that you will have endless options for leftover skeins of yarn.

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