One Spirit Medicine

With the world rampant with a deluge of diseases and health conditions, it’s a challenge to know how to heal. We have allopathic, holistic, and complementary options, and the idea is to integrate them collectively to achieve healing and total wellness. We also have to recognize that our minds, emotions and our relationships are factors and need our consideration. Our ancestors knew how to heal from the inside out by going back to the basics and that is the premise of my new book One Spirit Medicine, Ancient Ways to Ultimate Wellness.

One Spirit Medicine, Ancient Ways to Ultimate Wellness

Part I. Discovering Your Inner Healer

Part II. Shedding The Old Ways

Part III. Overcoming The Death That Stalks You

Part IV. From Stillness Comes Rebirth


One Spirit Medicine has been penned by a shaman who ironically found himself clinging to life. Diagnosed with a host of diseases that were deemed hopeless, he had only two options, either check into a hospital for allopathic treatments or heal holistically. This book is the result of his healing journey and a map for those seeking the same.

Part I shares the difference between One Spirit Medicine and western medicine and what you’ll need to do to benefit from its healing power. You’ll learn about the invisible world of living energy and be introduced to the tyrannical mindset that dominates humanity and undermines our health and well-being.

Part II identifies the myriad environmental and endogenous toxins we’re exposed to and explains why detoxification of the body and brain is essential for healing. You’ll learn about our ‘second brain’, our gut, and how to repair it with superfoods.

Part III addresses the dysfunctional mental and emotional patterns associated with anger and fear, and shares which nutrients improve higher brain function and helps you manage stress. You’ll also discover traditional shamanic healing techniques that can clear your energy field of the imprints for disease and upgrade it to repair your body and brain.

Part IV supports you in completing the process of letting go of old, unhealthy ways of thinking so you can experience healing with One Spirit Medicine. You’ll learn to rewrite your story, overcome fear, and discover the purpose of your life’s journey. The concluding message of this book is that you don’t need the help of a shaman to heal or change your life, you just have to look within.

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.