Operation Happiness

Because I’m Happy!!


Happiness! It sounds like a simple enough emotion to exhibit and feel, but yet there are those who live devoid of this natural pleasure. Circumstances and personal life experiences may have created a hardened mindset that’s become so ingrained in our very nature, that we might not realize we’re not happy. We’ve forgotten how to be happy. The result is grumpiness and a miserable life. But it doesn’t have to stay this way. My new book Operation Happiness, The 3 Step Plan to Creating a Life of Lasting Joy, Abundant Energy, and Radical Bliss, shares some action steps we can take to reverse our situation and bring on some true happiness quickly.


  1. My Story… and Major Perception Changes
  2. The Five Key Happiness Mind-Sets
  3. Happiness in Hard Times: Creating the Light Within Darkness
  4. Happiness Starts with Your First Thoughts of the Day
  5. Reinventing your Morning Routine
  6. Rest, Relaxation, and Reducing Anxiety
  7. The Love-Centered Diet: Eating to Support Your Happiness, Healthiest Life
  8. Happy Surroundings: Creating Spaces That Support Your Joy
  9. Eleven Habits of the Happiest People
  10. Thirty Day of Insight, Love and Lessons for a Happy Life


So what does it take to be happy? Well, there are many factors, but ultimately, it’s a skill that can be learned and mastered if you’re willing to take the action steps outlined within these pages. The book is broken done into three powerful steps, Change Your View, Make Over Your Mornings, and Create New Habits. Each section offers empowering information that will transform your life if fully embraced.

So what do we need to do? I don’t think it’s a surprise that we need to look at our diet. Processed, genetically modified, and nutrient-deficient junk foods will not produce joy and happiness in anyone’s life. Drinking clean water, eating an organic wholefood diet, getting to bed early, and thinking uplifting thoughts will have a positive effect collectively.

Exercise, sunshine, and fresh air are also factors that will determine how our moods are expressed. How about our thoughts? Do you catch yourself thinking negative thoughts? Do you try to stop them or do you brood and go further until you’ve totally saturated your mind in self-defeating notions? What triggers your anxiety or stress? Addressing all these areas and taking the suggested action steps will not only nourish our body, mind, spirit but will blast open our happy receptors.

This book sums up the happiness solution with Eleven Habits of the Happiest People. As I pondered these habits, I was struck by #6, Don’t Make Things Personal. It’s so easy to get miffed or offended when someone says or does something that upsets us. The truth though is it’s their story, their drama, their mindset, and their inner dialogue that they’re spewing out. It has nothing to do with you. As we adopt these eleven steps and absorb them into our psyche, our subconscious, we’ll start to notice dramatic changes in our life.

The last chapter offers a month-long daybook filled with a compendium of positive, happy, and high vibe stories that will inspire, encourage, and restore our spirit every day. I like to crack open the book in the morning and read one story. They have just the right words to put or keep you in a positive frame of mind.

Operation Happiness is full of common sense, resources, and easy to implement steps that will produce happy results. It covers everything we need to know and do so that we not only feel happiness, but we are the true essence of it!

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions express are my own, yours may differ.