Oracle Card Decks Big Bundle

Whether you’re into anything metaphysical or not, you’ve probably heard about or seen tarot and oracle cards. Depending on who you talk to, you’ll get mixed reactions about how people feel about them. In my experience, most people fear them because they envision spooky spirits emerging from the cards, or they’ll be plagued with black magic or bad juju for the rest of their lives. But, getting to know a little bit more about Oracle and tarot cards may calm any fears and allow you to be a little more receptive. First, let’s discern how Oracle and tarot cards differ.

Tarot cards have a certain structure. No matter what kind of tarot set you buy, they will always have 78 cards. These cards are divided into two sets, major arcana and the minor arcana. The major arcana has 22 cards which represent life lessons, karmic influences and the major archetypal themes that are impacting your life and your soul’s journey to enlightenment. The minor arcana has 56 cards divided into four suits with 14 cards in each; wands, pentacles, cups and swords.

Oracle cards, on the other hand, are free from any rigid or set rules. They are open to the influence and creativity of the maker including the number of cards and choice of imagery. They can portray animals, angels, mystical beings, planets, stars, unique works of art and more. They can also number anywhere from 24 to 144, but all of the decks I own have 44 cards, which is a master number.

Oracle cards are a lexicon or vocabulary that both your unconscious and spirit use to communicate through the symbols, pictures, images or metaphor on the cards. In essence, you are having a live conversation with spirit. They show you your story in motion, what you need to know at any given moment and what is possible. Each card usually has specific phrases or positive words that share a message and encourage you to tap into your intuition. Plus they can have more than one potential meaning depending on what you are inquiring about.

I love the huge variety of oracle card decks available at Hay House. They feature many authors who have not only written umpteen books, but have also created numerous oracle decks of their own. Each deck usually has a specific theme that the author has personalized like chakra healing, animal totems, ancestors and many many more. Here are a few of their latest releases.

The Wild Offering Oracle Cards

The Wild Offering Oracle Cards

The Wild Offering Oracle card deck is whimsical, charming and beautifully illustrated. It consists of 52 cards that offer inspiration to help users “let go and let God” on their way to a more expansive and abundant life. One side of the cards has a chimerical image of the elephant deity Ganesha, while the other sides are filled with enlightened and uplifting phrases framed with colorful floral bouquets of wildflowers, birds, and butterflies.

Each card addresses relatable situations from Finances to Aging to Calmness to Divine Timing to Gratitude to Regrets and many more with a comment or invocation that are self-explanatory so no guidebook is offered. These phrases encourage you to offer your pain around this situation to the Divine and to call in Divine Will for the highest outcome. There are several ways to use this deck, Divine guidance from a specific card, reflection on a specific issue, or any way that resonates with you.

The Divine Feminine Oracle Cards

The Divine Feminine Oracle Cards

The Divine Feminine Oracle deck comes with 53 cards and a guidebook. These cards are artistically stunning with the outer side being red with an oracle opening — throughout the deck, you’ll see the color red – it’s the thread that connects all the cards in the legacy of love they each represent. The other side of the oracle cards features 53 real or enlightened Priestesses, holy ladies, saints, mystics, poets, gender rebels, cross-dressers, trailblazers, and holy troublemakers from various races, cultures, and locations. All of them represent both divine beings and human women who sought to evince and personify them.

The women in this deck are all spiritual role models that embodied and epitomized love. They can be called upon to tap into your ability to hear the voice of your soul. Each card also has an intention, so every time to draw one, it’s a message your soul wants to remember. Reference the guidebook to get a deeper meaning to the card you drew. From the eternal love of Mary Magdalene to the healing power of Sekhmet, you will discover the abounding qualities of the divine feminine within you.

Love & Light

Love & Light

Doreen Virtue is a popular Hay House author that has written numerous books and created copious oracle decks. I like that her oracle decks are always aesthetically pleasing with beautiful and charismatic artwork along with heartfelt passages and messages that we can reflect on.

The Light & Love deck comes with 44 high gloss ethereal cards and a companion guidebook. This deck is redolent of God’s Kingdom and its primary focus is on connecting with his love and light. It’s Doreen’s first deck that has a religious complexion. In fact, she also stated that she no longer supports the messages from all of her other oracles decks since she became a born-again Christian in February 2017. This drastic change in her outlook has confused and upset a lot of her readers, but I guess she has to follow her calling. She’s stated that anyone who does any form of divination is ‘Detestable to the Lord.’ This may come across as hypocritical with a ‘holier than thou’ attitude to some. So, this deck is not for predictions or divination but is to be used for reflection and contemplation and as a tool to access God’s messages.

The back of the oracle cards have the graceful angel image shown on the box cover and the other sides all feature a variety of resplendent angels, enlightened celestial beings, birds, and mystical animals and covers an array of devotional topics. Each card quotes an inspirational scripture that’s in harmony with the image. As you choose your cards, you can use the guidebook for their extended meanings.

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions express are my own, yours may differ.