Oracle Decks for Personal Growth

As kids, we got a lot of our guidance, advice, encouragement, and support from family members like our parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and maybe even our siblings. Some kids may not have had or do not have these options, so they turn to a mentor like a teacher, pastor, or perhaps a volunteer from the Big Brother/Big Sister program to be their compass. Aside from a kind heart, they offer direction, wisdom, counseling, compassion, strength, and a listening ear.

But others, both adults and children may prefer to reach out to a high source for divine guidance, awareness, and enlightenment. Very often the answers we seek are within us and we just need help pulling the information out so we can take action. Here is where oracle cards can assist us with our intuition, introspection, and introversion. I have two new decks from Schiffer Books and they are both wonderful sources of innate wisdom and clarity. They offer unique vibes so we have the vision to pave a path for our future. They allow us to co-create with spirit. They provide the right insight at the right time and they allow us to learn, reflect, and manifest. They help us reconnect with our inner strength so we are empowered to make conscious and wiser decisions.

The Creativity Oracle Deck

The Creativity Oracle Deck

The Creativity Oracle: Visions of Enchantment to Guide and Inspire Magic Makers comes in an elaborate keepsake box with a beautiful guidebook and 80 stunning cards. What’s unique about these cards is that each one has it’s own tapestry-inspired artwork from a variety of different cultures and an inspirational message. No two cards are alike but all have a brilliant gilded edge. Each message is designed to stimulate and spark within us mindful creativity and inner exploration.

The guidebook starts off by sharing why this oracle deck was created. It’s to help us reclaim our creative flicker, our original flame so we can create new visions, follow our inner bliss, and become Magic Makers. When you’re inspired to change the direction in your life through inspirational prompts, the universe conspires to fulfill your requests. The book continues with instructions on how to use the cards with One-Card Readings, Past-Present-Future Readings, Combined with the Tarot, and the eleven steps in Magic Maker Stepping Stones.

The Wild Elemental Oracle

The Wild Elemental Oracle Deck

The Wild Elemental Oracle Deck comes with 44 cards and a guidebook in an enchanting textured keepsake box with a magnetic closure. As the cover image implies, this deck will connect us with Mother Nature herself including the four basic elements and animals on land, the air, in the sea, and in the 5th dimension. The cards will allow us to unite with our animal allies and access messages, wisdom, advice, and lessons from the animal world so we can follow our own spiritual path.

The animals are divided into four different elements, Earth, Fire, Air and Water. As the animal kingdom is vast, you may not see all the animals you expect. Each card features an animal, but it doesn’t indicate which element it falls under, but you can easily look it up on the guidebook. You may also learn how to find your spirit animal/s or totem guides. The guidebook also shares how to conduct a reading on yourself and others through several card layouts. As you pick a card, you can read about the animal’s attributes and the interpretations of what message it shares.

The artwork is whimsical and all images have a dark background. The back of the deck has the same 4 season image and the sides are gilded in reflective gold. If you love all animals, you will enjoy the intelligence this wise deck offers seekers.

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