Oracle of the Crystal Skulls Deck

Crystal Skulls have been cloaked in a lot of mystery for many decades. Legends and prophesies say that when our planet is in a dire crisis, 13 skulls would be rediscovered and reunited to reveal essential planet and life-saving information. I read that some crystal skulls have been found, but I’m not sure how many to date. Another legend says that 52 skulls of crystal hold the secrets to knowledge and personal evolution. Regardless, a legend also warns that when this time comes, mankind must be sufficiently developed and evolved, both morally and spiritually, in a way that they will not abuse or mishandle this great knowledge. On that note, I do believe more and more people are waking up and aware of the reality on our planet.

Being in their presence can expand our psychic abilities and even assist in healing. While many fakes and archaeological imposters have been exposed, there are genuine Crystal Skulls that go back, way back, and they are in the hands of those who agreed to be their caretakers in their lifetime.

While we don’t have to have an ancient crystal skull in our presence to experience any benefits, we can get newer versions in crystal shops made out of various crystals and in various sizes. You can also connect with their vibrational power through other sources like the Oracle of the Crystal Skulls Deck.

Oracle of the Crystal Skulls

Oracle of the Crystal Skull Deck

The creator of the Oracle of the Skulls deck is also passionate about the inexplicable, crop circles, sacred sites, ancient civilizations and their artifacts, and the secrets they hide. lf is a guardian of some ancient skulls and is always in search of more as he travels the globe. So, it’s only natural that he would create an oracle deck using the powerful energy of the crystal skulls. This deck was deliberately made using 52 cards. Why 52? “Because according to the world-renowned Shaman Grandmother Flordemayo, the Mayan legend of Guatemala evokes not 13 crystal skulls, but 4 x 13 ancient skulls, including a crystal lineage.” Intrigued? Me too.

This beautiful deck comes in a decorative keepsake hard case with a magnetic closure that measures 17.78 cm x 12.7 cm (7 x 5 inches). Inside you’ll find the 52 cards and an informative guidebook that takes you through the Introduction, Discovering the Crystal Skulls, How to Use This Oracle, and The Card Messages.

The introduction encourages us to be open and connect with the cards through our heart chakra, which is the point of balance between all the chakras. The more you use the deck, the more you will understand the message from the skulls. You will also read each crystal’s story of when and how they were found, who their guardians are, and what unique properties they possess.

Next the guidebook shares the legend of the skulls which is so captivating. Did you know that the first skull was found between 1920 and 1924 during an archeological dig in Belize? It’s made from a pure and very rare rock. No one knows how old they are, where and how they were made, and what they were used for. Then they share insight about the 7 main chakras and offer a colored image of the chakra symbols and a chart that covers their name in Sanskrit, the location on the body, the color, and its function.

Secret code: Nephrite Jade. The next section covers the 10 different spreads. We are encouraged to connect with our being of light before drawing a card or cards with our left hand.

  • Meditation Card Spread
  • Two or Three Card Spread
  • A Guide for the Night Spread
  • 52-Week Spread
  • Sacred Geometry Spread
  • Bath of Light Spread
  • Sponge Spread
  • Inner Luminous Mast Spread
  • Resources Spread
  • The Clock Spread
Oracle of the Crystal Skull - Amar Card

Amar Card

Oracle of the Crystal Skull - Zar Card

Zar Card

Oracle of the Crystal Skull - Amar Card

Amar Card

  1. Concentrate on the image and name of the skull. Listen to its history and message.
  2. Let yourself be filled with the energies of this skull by placing the card in front of the heart chakra.
  3. Release what should be released and welcome what is coming.
  4. Messages and answers can be expressed through feelings, visualizations, images, dreams, or your inner “little voice.” Give thanks for the message.

The last section of the guidebook reveals the message from the skulls. There is an image of the skull, the date and place the crystal was found, its name, crystal type, its weight, and which chakra it’s associated with. I found their stories fascinating and would love to learn more.

The cards themselvesally quite stunning with an image of each crystal listed in alphabetical order. They measure 8.89 cm x 10.8 cm (3.5 x 4.25 inches) so they are fairly comfortable to hold. The card stock is moderately flexible, but I wish it was a little firmer.

This deck will be a great resource for those seeking guidance, direction, and clarity in any area of their lives. Draw a single card and meditate on its message or use one of the many spreads for your answers. You may be surprised by the therapeutic properties of the cards.

Disclaimer: I received complimentary products to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.