Origami Animal Kits & Paper

Origami, once only associated with Japanese culture, is growing in popularity globally. It’s the delicate art of folding plain or decorative paper into beautifully finished three-dimensional sculptures from simple boxes to more elaborate pieces like flowers and animals. This art form requires concentration, agility and eye and hand coordination, so it’s beneficial for all ages. Plus, in our stressful environment, many are turning to this zen art so they can experience mindfulness, peace, and quietude. As a result, more and more kits are being created to fulfill our paper folding passion.

Kids are instinctively creative so they’re naturally drawn to origami. They don’t mind getting elbow-deep learning how to create a variety of paper art projects. Animals are always popular and there are lots of kits available for kids and adults to explore from Tuttle Publishing. They carry a variety of origami kits, and they include these two animal kits. Kids will have a blast playing and creating with them.

Origami Animals

origami animals

Origami Animals comes with 98 sheets of 6 x 6 paper from solid colors to gorgeous prints to a few gold foils that will work well with the included 21 projects. You’ll also get a beautiful manual that’s filled with full-color illustrations and step-by-step instructions. Once kids are familiar with the symbols, they can make some of their favorite animals from around the world. These include a skunk, swan, barking dog mask, owl, fox, butterfly, frog, cardinal and many more. Although the projects do not rate their skill level, the book starts off with easier ones and progresses to more challenging folds. It’s a great kit for beginner and seasoned origami lovers.

Origami Zoo

origami zoo

The Origami Zoo kit is filled with delighted critters we’d see at the zoo. The kit includes 40 sheets of decorative paper, 95 animal parts stickers (and a few human faces), a double-sided foldout map – one side features a beautiful premade zoo scene and the other side is waiting to be colored in by you, and a user manual. The manual will walk you through 15 easy to make projects.

origami lion

The manual is will take you from easy to more skilled projects. The onset of the guide features the symbols with illustrations and written instructions. Each project includes a full-color photo along with illustrative steps and written guidance. Kids can make a lion, peacock, kangaroo, hippo, panda and many more animals. In just a few minutes, kids can create their own complete zoo. This is a great beginner kit and will teach children a valuable skill and inspire their creativity.

Origami Bug Pattern Paper

origami paper

Once you get familiar with origami techniques, you’ll need bundles of paper to create more projects. The bug pattern paper set includes 100 sheets of high quality 6 x 6 double-sided creep, crawly paper and a booklet featuring 8 easy to make projects. There are 8 different patterns that feature a variety of insects including ladybugs, butterflies, ants, dragonflies, and more. One side has a bug print while the other side has a solid color that blends harmoniously with the print. They’re a perfect match with the origami animal kits.

Disclaimer: I received complimentary products to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.