Origami Aquarium Kit

As the covid restrictions continue to linger on, it can be a little depressing being isolated from friends and family. More and more adults and kids are filling the void by embracing a variety of creative crafts. Some are picking up knitting, crocheting, sewing or painting. While others are inspired to learn Origami and magically transform paper into works of art. Origami is a tangible art form that has a lot of health benefits.

  • helps improve cognitive function, *develop eye and hand coordination
  • therapeutic and helps cope with depression
  • it’s tranquil and sedative so you feel calmer
  • improves agility and fine motor skills
  • enhances math, fraction and geometry skills
  • helps children understand sequence steps
  • helps with reading instructions
  • improves focus and concentration
  • develop problem-solving skills and so much more
  • it’s fun and enjoyable

For those looking for supplies, Tuttle Publishing has a nice collection of origami books, kits, and colorful paper. I’ve been getting all my origami material from them for years and their quality is the best on the market. I recently received an Origami Aquarium Kit and some gorgeous paper to make an abundance of projects.

Aquariums have a tranquil effect on people. We can sit for hours being mesmerized by cute and colorful little creature’s appearance and their fluid motions. The Origami Aquarium comes with supplies to make 20 aquatic projects. It includes 2 full-color 32-page instruction books with easy-to-follow directions and 96 sheets of high-quality folding paper, plus two gold foil sheets.

Creating your own underwater world with your favorite sea creatures is going to be easy. Learn how to make a shark, whale, seal, seahorse, octopus, stingray, and many more. Instructions are written with detailed step-by-step illustrations. Just follow the diagram and fold according to the directions. People of all ages and skill levels will enjoy crafting these colorful origami projects.

Once we’ve have mastered the basic folding techniques, we’re always eager to create more projects. So, we will need more origami paper to create more masterpieces. Tuttle carries a variety of value-packs. Each has a theme and varies in volume, and they also come with free projects. The Rainbow Pattern pack offers 500 high-quality pages of double-sided prints and instructions to create several different projects. The art designs on the paper are gorgeous and can be used for any artistic creation.