Origami Big Bundle

Origami is the ancient art of folding paper into beautifully finished sculptures from simple boxes to more elaborate pieces like flowers and animals. In Japan, this skill was handed down from parent to child and was used for religious ceremonies only because the paper was quite expensive. Today, this art form can be practiced by any who are willing to learn this craft. And one of the best ways to learn is through books, and there are plenty on the market for both beginners and experienced Origami artists. Here are a few you might enjoy.

Origami Japanese Paper Folding

Origami Japanese Paper Folding

Origami Japanese Paper Folding contains 50 fun and exciting projects that the whole family can make using simple craft paper. Each project has easy to follow detailed illustrative diagrams and written how-to instructions that you can follow along to create the same results. These projects are great for beginners because they use a few basic steps over and over in several of the projects so you can get comfortable with this art form. With practice, you can develop your symmetrical folding techniques. Plus, kids and adults alike can also develop their patience, awareness, and concentration while learning a creative hobby.

Kids can make a cat, peacock, doll, clown, swan, flowers as well as a spaceship, a piano, and a penguin to name a few. Practical use and applications for completed origami projects are discussed at the end of the book. It’s a great book to get started in Origami.

Origami Flowers

The Origami Flowers Kit comes with two 32-page books and includes 98 sheets of Special Origami Paper – enough to make all 41 easy-to-fold projects. The books were created by world-renowned origami artist Michael LaFosse and he offers a variety of gorgeous floral patterns. All the instructions feature colorful diagrams along with written steps.

Before you get started, there is a page of symbol keys that you will need to review first. Book one features a tulip, daisy, lantern blossom, pinwheel flower, lily, cherry blossom, and several others. Book two a trumpet flower, striped starflower, blooming cactus, several versions of rose, snapdragons, and more. I find it so remarkable that such delicate works of art can be created with paper. These flowers and leaves are gorgeous. The 6 x 6 double-sided origami paper includes a range of beautiful colors and prints, plus two gold metallic sheets. Use these pretty papers to create attractive origami for your home, family, or make them as gifts.

Origami Jewelry

Origami Jewelry offers dozens of instructions for easy-to-make paper charms, pendants, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, medallions, and more. Plus, there is an instructional DVD at the back of the book that will give users 2 hours of-of step-by-step video instructions.

The book starts off with a symbol key page and then gets right into creating wearable paper jewelry. All the instructions are shown in colorful illustrations and are accompanied by written instructions that are easy to follow. All the pieces are so lovely and look expensive, but are relatively cheap to make. You start off making paper beads – square, pillow, rhombus, triangle, teardrop, barrel, lantern, arrowhead, kite, and many more. Instructions are also given on how to add colorful plastic beads to complement these stunning accessories. You’ll also be shown how to make your own jewelry boxes to store your handmade treasures.

The back of the book has information about the basic tools you’ll need, choosing papers, materials, how to back-coat your paper, cutting and trimming, findings, wirework, and more. It’s a very detailed book and it has lots of vivid finished product photos. I have an issue with wearing heavy earrings, they pull on my lobes and hurt. Paper jewelry is a great alternative to clunky plastic or even gold jewelry that weighs a lot.

Origami Paper Nature Patterns

Origami paper is always infused with lots of vivid colors and beautiful patterns, so they add character to your projects. It’s thin, strong and can be easily modeled into a multitude of shapes and complex patterns. This pack contains 12 different designs inspired by Mother Nature herself. Each sheet is double-sided and 6 x 6 inches square in size so you’ll be able to make numerous projects. The pack includes instructions for 8 easy to make origami projects.

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