Origami Butterflies

We are at the onset of the holiday season and most of us are focusing on getting prepared for the festive weeks ahead. Christmas is truly a magical time of year. It puts us in a festive mood and it presents us with the joy of giving. This year has been rough so it will be nice to celebrate with our family and friends and be grateful for all the blessings we do have. And it’s exciting to see the stores are filling up with Christmas music, sparkly holiday decor, and gifts galore. Toys, games, puzzles, clothes, assorted gifts sets, chocolates, movies, and everything in between.

Kids are naturally creative and love to tinker. They love to use the minds and hands to fabricate and design. This is where Origami comes in. It’s the ancient art of folding paper into beautifully finished sculptures from simple boxes to more elaborate pieces like flowers, animals, bugs, fish, people and so much more. Kids are instinctively drawn to origami and enjoy folding and manipulating paper into works of art. Tuttle Publishing has a plethora of origami kits and paper that will be perfect for holiday gifts. Check out their butterfly selection.

Origami Butterfly Kit

The Origami Butterflies Kit contains everything kids need to create delicate and graceful butterflies. Included are 2 full-color 32-page instruction books and 98 sheets (16 patterns) of high-quality double-sided authentic origami paper, plus 2 sheets of metallic foil paper. The supplies will enable kids to make 12 stunning butterflies in various beautiful prints.

The easy to follow instructions will walk kids through each step of folding and creating fluttering butterflies. You would start off with Book One which has all the ‘how to’ instructions and then advance to Book Two. Book One has all the detailed instructions that include explanatory diagrams and written directions.

Book One

  • Using the Butterfly Disgin System
  • Butterfly Base Stages
  • Upper and & Lower Margins
  • Introductory Folds
  • Squash-folding
  • Color Changes
  • Wonderful Wings
  • Butterfly Head 1
  • Butterfly Head 2
  • The Abdominal Taper

Book Two

  • The Baxter
  • The Temko
  • Alexander Swallowtail
  • The Michael Shall
  • The Origamido Butterfly
  • The Nolan
  • The Joyce Rockmore
  • The LaFosse Moth
  • Inspirations

All the butterflies are made with two different colors of paper and the effects are gorgeous. Kids will enjoy creating lots of winged wonders and it’s the perfect kit for beginners. It’s available on Tuttle and Amazon.

Origami Butterlies

The Origami Butterflies book offers origami lovers more designs of colorful and delicate butterflies and moths. The 112-page book shares 26 original designs with step-by-step instructions that include colorful diagrams and full-color photos along with easy to follow written directions. Plus, it comes with 2 DVDs that will show you how to create all the butterflies in the book.

Each butterfly is folded from a simple square so no scissors, tape or glue are needed. All the butterflies are made using the LaFosse Butterfly Folding System. This technique of mixing and matching folding maneuvers allows you to discover an unlimited variety of butterfly species. The skies the limit.

Readers will learn about using fine quality art materials, learning the origami symbols key, basic architecture, how to customize the base for variety, wing styles and variations, and much more. Some of the designs in this book, which are named after notable people, include A Butterfly for Alice Gray, For Tony Cheng, For Jane Winchell, For Killian Mansfield, For Boston Butterfly, For Doris Asano, For Kyoto and so many more. They can be made with origami paper, recycled candy wrappers, or gift wrap.

The Origami Butterflies Book is a beautiful advanced guide and reference book for master folders. It will encourage and inspire kids and adults to manipulate paper into delightful creations that can be used on greeting cards, gift bags, made into jewelry, put in planters, or even worn as pins. Let your imagination flow and come up with other uses for these delicate flutterers.

Origami Flower Pattern Paper

Creating beautiful works of paper folding art requires a lot of decorative origami paper. Tuttle Publishing carries a large variety of prints, patterns, and solids that will work with any origami pattern. The Flower Pattern set includes 200 pages of double-sided 6 x 6 inch (15 cm) floral paper. The prints are absolutely gorgeous. One side has a unique floral print with a matching solid color on the other side to make aesthetically pleasing creations. You’ll also get instructions to create 6 easy to make origami projects. This holiday season, give the gift of origami.

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