Origami for Beginners Bundle

Origami is an art form where you fold plain, colored or printed paper into creative three-dimensional sculptures from simple boxes to more intricate pieces like flowers, animals, bugs and more. It’s a zen hobby that relaxes you while improving your concentration, agility and eye and hand coordination. Many are looking for a pastime that is productive yet fun with esthetically pleasing results. Origami checks all the boxes.

Imaginative people are instinctively creative so they’re naturally drawn to origami. They don’t mind getting elbow-deep in learning how to create a variety of paper art projects. There are lots of books and kits on the market, but I always check out Tuttle Publishing first. They carry a variety of origami kits for kids and adults, and that include several beginner kits to kick-start your creativity. If you feel inspired to learn this art form or brush up on it, then you will have a blast with the Origami For Beginners book.

Origami For Beginners

Origami for beginners.

The Origami For Beginners will start you off with 40 simple, easy-to-make projects. Like any craft, it’s built on a few fundamental 3D folding techniques and symbols that want to get familiar with before you embark on a project.

  • Diamond Base
  • Squawker Toy
  • Shark
  • Pirate’s Hat
  • Pilgrim’s Bonnet
  • Robot
  • Tropical Fish
  • Skyscraper
  • Christmas Star
  • Star Earrings
  • Grift Wrap Decorations
  • Blintz Base
  • Quicky Gift Envelope
  • Layered Card
  • Last-minute Greeting Card
  • Kite Base
  • Pine Tree
  • Trick Mouse
  • Fantastic Flying Airplane
  • Gift Box
  • Covered Box
  • Easter Basket
  • Earrings
  • Icicles
  • Sunburst
  • Cat
  • Standing Cat
  • Cat Family
  • Space Rocket
  • Napkin Ring or Photo Holder
  • Car
  • Boat
  • Sailboat Basket
  • Elephant
  • Furniture Units 1
  • Furniture Units 2

There are three different model bases, the Blintz Base, Kite Base and Diamond Base. So depending on which project you want to make, you’ll be using one of these bases to start with. Each project features a full-color image along with written and step-by-step illustrative tutorials. Just as important is the paper you use to create your projects. Most of the projects in this book use either 6″ (15 cm) square and 10″ (25 cm) square origami paper. But, some projects look even better with double-sided origami paper.

Origami Double-Sided Inspirational Messages Paper

Origami double-sided Inspirational messages paper

This fun pack of 200 double-sided 6″ x 6″ (15 x 15 cm) paper with inspirational and positive messages has 12 different unique designs. The colors are vibrant and pleasing to work with. Every time you fold or manipulate the paper into various shapes, you are greeted with uplifting and energizing words. There is nothing better than adding a cheerful vibe to your origami works of art. Plus, included with the paper are instructions to make 6 super easy and fun projects.

Disclaimer: I received complimentary products to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.