Origami For Kids

Aside from being a beautiful form of art, Origami is beneficial as a learning modality for children. Kids will develop a profusion of improved skills and talents. They’ll experience better eye and hand agility and coordination, improved memory and concentration skills, dimensional skills, math logic, ability to arrange steps in order, heightened attention skills, develop fine motor skills and foster an abundance of patience. But above all these enhanced abilities, kids will have fun.

There is a surplus of origami products on the market, but I found a line that also carries books and kits devoted to making this art fun and interesting for kids from beginners to more advanced. The kids think they’re cool!

Classic Origami for Beginners

No matter what art form you are learning, mastering the basic techniques is key to improvement. This is what Classic Origami for Beginners offers users. The kit comes with a full-color 64-page manual that includes clear, step-by-step diagrams and easy to read instructions. Kids or adults will learn to make 45 easy to make paper items with the enclosed supplies — 98 sheets of high-quality 6 3/4 inch square folding papers in 8 different colors and patterns, as well as a sheet of gold foil. By the end of the book, kids will be able to make a fish, duck, lily, lotus, box, kite and many more works of art. This kit can be found on Amazon.

Origami Activities for Kids

In this creative book, kids ages 8 – 12 years of age will discover the magic of Japanese paper folding. The introduction offers insight into this art form and the key to origami symbols. These symbols tell you which way to fold your paper, so you’ll need to get familiar with them. This chapter continues with several pages of origami techniques from reading diagrams to folding neat to reverse folding, two and three-dimensional folding and much more. There are clear step-by-step photos and instructions to help you make nineteen different projects. There are 8 folding papers with adorable prints at the back of the book for your first few projects. Available on Amazon.

Origami Games for Kids

Kids don’t need a reason to turn origami projects into a game, it comes naturally. But, the Origami Games for Kids will provide guidelines and help kids create fifteen exciting games. Included in the kit is a full-color instruction book, 48 sheets of high-quality folding papers, and over 75 stickers to decorate the finished models. Some games to make are Froggie Olympics, Snap Dragon and Chip Toss. Game on!

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