Origami Big Bundle

Whatever activity you or your family engage in, it will require agility and eye and hand coordination. Sometimes we lose our sensitivity and dexterity in our fingers, or our muscles become weak. Whether your an athlete, student, housewife or senior there are things we can do to improve our agility. One of those things is getting involved in the art of origami. I’m always astonished at the amazing things you can make using this ancient art form.

Origami requires the use of both hands, some thinking skills and a lot of mental concentration. It improves your memory and fine motor skills and significantly stimulates your brain. It also teaches geometry, fractions, and problem solving, all of which can benefit us in everyday life. Plus, it’s also fun and a great recreational hobby to learn. Here are a few kits that are ideal for improving our agility.

Air and Space Origami

Air and Space Origami

Origami Air and Space offers detailed instructions to create realistic paper rockets, spaceships, and much more! The kit includes everything you need to blast off into space, a full-color instruction book, 48 sheets of lunar inspired double-sided paper and 185+ stickers.

The final frontier has come a long way over the past few decades and more and more adults and kids are interested in space travel, aliens and other planets. We are not alone! Now we can create our own sleek spacecraft, supersonic aircraft, probes, and other life forms using origami art. We can detail these crafts with a variety of stickers and then launch them far beyond the Magnetosphere.

Origami Humans

Origami Humans Kit

The Origami Human kit comes with a full-color instruction manual, 64 folding sheets in solid colors, 12 character models to make, and over 100 stickers. You can also access an online instruction video to help you master the art of people making. Add your photo and a family member’s photo to the dog walker, tennis player, kayaker, skier, baseball player, chef, business person, or weightlifter. Some of these models can be modified to create new ones. Kids will have endless fun creating a plethora of hilarious characters that just might resemble you.

Origami Paper

Origami Paper 100 sheet tie-dye patterns

It’s easy to get caught up in creating so many origami art forms, that we run out of paper. Having a big stack of different origami paper on hand means we can continue our flow of creativity. The value packs are the best way to go. Take a step back into the far-out 60s and 70s with a fab pack of funky tie-dye prints that represent creativity, freedom and a little splash of rebellion. Groovy! The Tie-Dye Patterns pack comes with 100 sheets of double-sided high quality, 6-inch sheets. There are 8 different prints and each has a correspondingĀ solid color on the reverse side. Instructions are also provided to make 8 easy projects.

Origami paper, cherry blossom prints

I love the delicate florals and the Cherry Blossoms origami paper pack offers 12 different patterns. The reverse side has a solid color that blends harmoniously with the cherry blossom print. The papers are six-inch square and aesthetically pleasing. Instructions are also included to make 8 easy projects using the cherry blossom papers. Domo arigato!

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.