Origami Monsters and Fun Activities

The first time I saw an origami piece, I was enthralled. That this delicate bird was made from paper blew my mind. Origami is the Japanese art form of folding paper into various shapes like butterflies, hearts, flowers, boxes, birds, or animals. Ori means folding and gami means paper. Learning this art form requires guidance, instructions, and lots of patience. Whether you’re making something simple or very complex, you’ll need to follow a specific pattern. Origami books are an excellent source to start with and there are oodles on Tuttle Publishing. Here are a few that I think kids will enjoy.

What kid doesn’t like monsters? The Origami Monsters book is filled with ghoulish and goofy characters that are colorful and easy for beginners to construct. The 32-page book offers kids the thrill of being able to create 23-3D origami monsters and 4 bodies that can be interchangeable with any of the monsters.

The instructions are made with colorful, illustrative, step-by-step tutorials that are easy to grasp even for beginners. Plus, there are written directions for ease and clarity. Some monsters you can create are the Cheese Man, Space Lizard, Alien Buzzfly, Martian Woodpecker, and more! Perfect for class fun, after-school, or art projects!

Origami Activities for Kids

Origami Activities for Kids is a great book to introduce kids to this paper art. The 48-page book is filled with cool projects for kids aged 8 – 12. The book’s onset teaches readers some origami techniques, symbols, and how to wrap chopsticks. With 19 beautiful projects, kids will use their new folding skills to replicate them and display them at home or school. Some of the things they can create are a Pinwheel, Masu Box, Frog, Fishing Boat, Blooming Cactus and so much more!

All the instructions are shown in full-color, step-by-step illustrations, along with written instructions. You can’t go wrong. And each project has a What You Need box, so you can gather supplies before attempting any of them. The back of the book has some super cute folding paper kids can start with. These delightful paper-folding activities are a fun way for kids to embrace this Japanese craft.

Once kids learn the art of folding paper, they are eager to keep the momentum rolling. This will require more paper for them to manipulate. The 500 Sheet Washi Pattern double-sided high-quality paper will give a nice supply of colorful patterns to create every project in both books over and over. There are 12 different designs of paper, plus a leaflet that includes 6 fun projects.

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