Origami with Leonardo da Vinci

With the long stretch of time off due to Covid19, and with summer in full swing now, kids are experiencing leisure time like never before. They have the uninhibited freedom to explore some new and classic fun-filled activities. But, kids can get bored very quickly so it’s up to parents and kids collectively to find things to keep them productively occupied, while still being fun. Origami offers kids the chance to learn and hone new skills while making beautiful projects.

There are lots of Origami kits and decorative paper on the market, so it’s a matter of choosing a subject. Tuttle carries a variety of interactive kits and a wide selection of gorgeous origami paper that kids can explore and test their creative abilities. Plus, Origami sharpens your concentration, agility and fine motor skills. It’s also calming and relaxing and will put you in that needed zen space.

Leonardo da Vinci’s Flying Machines

Leonardo da Vinci Origami Kit

Leonardo da Vinci was a visionary that possessed a creative genius far beyond the most talented artist or inventor of the Renaissance age. He was obsessed with aerodynamics and could envision the potential of flying machines (ornithopter). Last year was the 500th anniversary of his death. In celebration of this man who had such amazing foresight, an origami kit, Leonardo da Vinci’s Flying Machines, was created to honor him.

All his sketches are recorded with their intricate details on paper, but as far as anyone knows, Leonardo never built one to test drive. But now, young and old inventors can take it a step further and follow the fold of an origami blueprint and create these amazing flying machines.

Origami kit contains material to make 13 different machines based on Leonardo's most original designs

The kit comes with a full-color 64-page instruction book, pre-cut paper to make 13 different machines, and a pre-assembly rubber slingshot. Eleven of the models can actually fly, and some the these include the Ornithopter, the Kite Glider, and the Flitting Bird. The directions are detailed and easy to follow with illustrations and written. Kids will have a blast creating their own flying machines and soaring them into the sky.

Origami Bird Pattern Paper

Origami bird pattern double-sided paper

The Origami Bird Pattern paper contains 100 sheets of high-quality, double-sided sheets. They feature 8 different gorgeous bird designs and patterns that will work harmoniously with the flying machine kit. Once you are on a role, you’ll want to make more and more origami models so it’s great to have extra origami paper on hand.

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