Otherworld Tarot Deck

If I mentioned the word, otherworld, I imagine it would have a different meaning to each of us. Some may feel it represents the spiritual realm of the afterlife, others may feel it means different dimensions, while others may perceive it as a world filled with magic folk, elementals, and whimsical beings. It could also be applied to celebrating a spooky occasion, like Halloween! Halloween is only a month away and many are inspired to put up spine-chilling decorations and enter some creepy giveaways.

Speaking of the otherworld, there is a beautiful and timeless Otherworld Tarot Deck that fits in harmoniously with this blog hop. It’s not so much about the ghoulish and dreaded side of Halloween, but more about the fairytale side with fantasy characters.

Otherworld Tarot Deck

At first glance, the Otherworld Tarot Deck box is very attractive. The rich burgundy and colorfully illustrated tarot cards on the cover are inviting and compel you to open the box and explore the cards. The back of the box informs readers that this deck was born from a love of fairies, elves, magicians, and other fairy folks. If you have the same love, then you will cherish this deck.

The deck has the standard 78 cards and is accompanied by an informative guidebook. All the cards are featured in black in white in the guidebook; I was kinda hoping they would be in color. As you crack open the guidebook, you are greeted with a Foreward, an Introduction to Tarot, Reading the Tarot, and a few card spreads that you to try out.

Otherworld Tarot cards

The deck is beautifully decorated. I really enjoy the uniqueness of the artwork. The cardstock is pretty good, it’s sturdy yet slightly flexible, so the deck should tolerate a lot of wear and tear. The back of the cards has a lovely image with unicorns and florals and the finish is quite glossy.

The cards have a wide border that makes them a little bigger to hold. Some people don’t care for larger cards, but I personally don’t mind. Each suit of the tarot is featured with a different colored border, so they are easy to distinguish. The cards are named on the top and there is a keyword below the image for your insight. The Otherworld Tarot is one of those decks you will find yourself reaching out for when you feel the need for a reading. It’s perfect for a personal or tarot readers collection.

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