Our Family Christmas Memories Keepsake Journal

This holiday season, we are wholeheartedly going to set aside time to be with family and friends, now that all restrictions have been lifted. Many have not seen their loved ones for years, and the holiday season may be the only time of year they can connect with them, especially if long distance is a factor. Connecting with family and friends is a soft word; it’s more like a reunion after years of agonizing separation and isolation. The happiness of seeing our loved ones again will make our hearts burst with love and joy.

For this reason, it’s important to make the most of these anticipated festive visits and try to savor and capture as many moments as possible. Some of the ways we can seize these cherished and sentimental moments are through photos and journaling. There is no question that photos memorialize special moments, but they don’t tell the whole story. That is where a keepsake journal will be of value to you, like Our Family Christmas Memories – A Keepsake To Capture Your Christmas Traditions and Memories! Here you can pen all the precious moments – all the bear hugs, kisses, crying, and laughing you experienced this holiday season so they are never forgotten and can be revisited year after year.

Our Family Christmas Memories is a ten-year journal that is divided into two parts. The first section allows you to record things about the holiday season that are special to you and your family. Maybe you have some holiday traditions that are specific to your culture or region and how far back they go in your family. You can share when you put your tree up and what decorations you used and which ones are your favorite. Did you make or buy an advent calendar? Did you hang up Christmas lights, if so, where? Or record some of your favorite festive recipes. What holiday movies do you like watching during the holidays? How many parties did you host and who did you invite or not invite? Or what time did you open all the presents under the tree? And so on!

There are specific sections for each question and lots of blank pages to fill in some fun stuff that you want to remember years after. Plus, you can keep adding more cherished ideas every year. All the pages have a holiday-inspired border that makes them all the more festive.

The second part of the book features a place to log each Christmas over the next ten years. How fun it will be to look back and reminisce on the good old days! The first page is where you record the year and where you celebrate the holiday season. The following pages are where you can share every important moment captured each holiday season. Family, friends, parties, decorating, recipes, what you did Xmas Eve, what you cooked, what you wore, gift exchanges, and even room to place some photos. Our Family Christmas Memories is a wonderful journal to chronicle the magical moment you and your family enjoyed every holiday season. It would also make a great gift.

Disclaimer: I received complimentary products to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.