Ozeri 4 x 3 Razor Pedometer

There is no doubt most of us had a few New Year’s resolutions that evolved around our bodies. We want to eat better and exercise more. Right? And of course we had all stuck true to our resolutions too, right?

It can be tough doing any kind of exercise without some form of encouragement. We work out and it can take a while before we see some results so we may get discouraged or we may even quit.

Ozeri has a tool that can help keep us interested and inspired in our exercise regime. The Ozeri 4×3 Razorozeri razorDigital Pocket 3D Pedometer is a fabulous little device that is incredibly¬†thin, lightweight and has oodles of functions.

The instructions are easy to follow making it so simple to set up to your preferences. It’s lithium battery operated and even comes with a spare one as well.

This compact cutie has a host of attributes. It measures the number of steps, distance, calories burned, time, fat burned and the time. That’s a lot for a small pedometer. It has a memory that will hold your stats for 7 days so you can compare your results.

It also informs us about weight, stride and outside temperature. The 4×3 Razor can be used for people weighing 45 – 350 lbs. I’ve never seen this info on other pedometers. You can set your stride from 1 – 6 feet. It functions best between 14 F to 104 F degrees ( -10C – 40C). It also has an auto-sleep mode. If it does not detect any movement it will automatically shut off saving your battery. I really like the timer. I like to see how much distance I can cover is a certain time period, and then I try to surpass that number. It’s quite motivating.

It has a sturdy clip that you can attach to your clothes or you can use the strap which attached to the lanyard of the pedometer. I prefer to attach the pedometer to clothes on my hip.

It’s also simple to reprogram the pedometer by pressing the SET button and holding it for 3 seconds. To check out your results you simply press the MODE button and scroll through. The LCD screen is fairly large considering the size of the pedometer. The numbers are large but the print is small and a little difficult to see. All in all, it’s an awesome little gadget with the most options I’ve seen on a pedometer.

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.