Ozeri Gen II Digital Multifunction Scale

Aside from tight-fitting clothes, stepping on the scale and seeing a high number you’ve never reached before is usually the deciding factor that motivates us into losing weight. There are other factors that help determine your overall well-being. Knowing your body fat and water ratio is also key for helping you monitor your success. How do we find these numbers though? Well, Ozeri can help.

Ozeri has the awesome Gen II Digital Multifunction Scale that will provide us these readings in a matter of Ozeri scaleseconds. The Gen II is a next-generation scale that furnishes us with our weight, our fat % and our water % with its step-0n sensor technology. Being aware of these numbers can give you valuable info that allows you a deeper view of your body’s current state. I love the modern sleek look, it will certainly fit in with any decor.

In order to get these numbers, you have to program and calibrate the scale to your personal information. The Gen II is so easy to set up and will have you informed in no time. The scale has 8 personal memory profiles so the whole family can record their info.

You first enter your gender, then your height and lastly your age and press the set button that’s at the top of the scale. That’s it! The next time you get on the scale you simply select your profile number and step on the scale and admire your success. When stepping on the scale you must remove your shoes and your socks and make sure your bare feet have good contact with the four metal pads on the surface of the scale. These pads are sensors that calculate your info via Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis. If you don’t have good contact you will not get your correct readings.

The LCD screen is a comfortable horizontal easy to read 3.5-inch area. The numbers are large enough to read without any effort.

The scale comes with a booklet that provides you with easy step by step information. It also provides you with a chart to help you determine if your body fat is too high/low and if your hydration is too high or low. I was very happy to see that my body fat was well within the healthy range for my age. However, the scale informed me that my body’s water % is lacking. It means I need to drink more water. I really appreciated knowing this result and I’ve increased my water intake.

Please note that your body weight can vary somewhat depending on clothes worn, your water intake if you move the scale to a different area and even time of day. The Gen II is a fairly lightweight scale made of resistant tempered glass. I’ve put my scale in one place and always use it there. The scale has a maximum weight capacity of 440lbs so it perfect for any home or gym.

When you are not using the scale you must not store item on top of it otherwise you may permanently damage it. The scale can be cleaned with a slightly damp cloth. Never immerse the scale in water, you will also damage it this way. Do not drop or jump on the scale either, it should be treated with common sense.

I really enjoy using this scale and it’s definitely the one my family chooses to use as well. We all like knowing what our readingsĀ are and what direction we need to take to improve our body. Every home should have one.

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.