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Being right in the heart of the holiday season, I’m enjoying making and baking euphorically delicious treats for my family and friends. Thinking back to my childhood, it was a family tradition to get together and create goodies just for the holidays, how I miss those moments. We made everything from scratch, and some recipes were quite time-consuming. Fast forward to the 21st century and things are a lot more simplified; we can now get premixes to help us out in a pinch. After all, the holidays are about being with loved ones, not spending endless hours in the kitchen. One company that I adore and has made an impact on my Christmas baking is Pamela’s Products.

Pamela grew up in her grandparents’ health food store where healthy and nutritious meant tasting bland and boring. She had a lot of empathy for those who had allergies and were forced to eat these flavorless foods by default because that’s what was available. Determined to change this, Pamela has gone on to create her own line of gluten-free products that are not only beneficial for the body; they’re delicious and uplifting to one’s spirit.

Pamelas Cookie Mixes
Pamela’s Products have definitely helped raise the holiday spirit in my home. She carries a wonderful selection of baking mixes that will make you look good in the kitchen. Even though they are premade mixes, you will still need to add a few wet ingredients.

Cookies are by far one of the most favorite treats and snacks requested by my family. I made two cookie flavors from Pamela’s selection, and they were a hit. The Chocolate Chunk Cookie Mix is full of fairly big pieces of yummy chocolate. The cookies are soft, chewy and so flavorful, everything a cookie monster craves.

pamelas cookies
The Sugar Cookie Mix is perfect for the holiday season. This recipe calls for the dough being rolled out, but my rolling pin was MIA, so I made small balls of dough and flattened them with a fork and remarkably they turned out awesome. They have a sweet, creamy flavor that demands seconds.

The Chocolate Brownie Mix is so easy to make, my little niece and I whipped it up in no time. The rich aroma of chocolate will permeate your home and nostrils, beseeching and nudging you until you can bear it no longer, you simply must have a piece. This actually happened, my family members had to taste and devour the pan before I could take an image of it. The brownies offer a decadent smell and taste where resistance is futile!

They also carry an All-Purpose Flour for those who just want to bake from scratch. Their flour blend has no dairy, no nuts, no salt, no leavening, no corn, no soy, so no worries. It works well with most recipes but may require some tweaking. Personally, it’s worked with every recipe I’ve tried so far.

I love the convenience of Pamela’s mixes; they’re present day, busy life products that offer the nostalgia flavors of days gone by. If I can make a delicious treat with less kitchen time invested, it means I have that much more time to enjoy the company of my beloved family and friends that pop over to share some festive cheer, and I’m all for that.

The holidays are a sentimental time of year; memorable moments are created, cherished and imprinted on our minds forever. Festive and tasty foods also have their place in creating fond and loving memories, especially if made with family members. I find it endearing and heartwarming when my young family members want to come over and create some holiday baking treats. My little niece Jetta came over a few days ago and wanted to make more Pamela’s; she was referring to the cookies we made this past weekend. I think we’ve started a new tradition!

Swing by Pamela’s Products site and check out all of her wares. She’s got ready-made bars, oodles of recipes and lots of ‘how to’ videos. HaPpY HoLiDaYs!

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.