Pana Chocolate Recipes Cookbook

There are many of us who have had a clandestine love affair with chocolate for many years. As we get older and taste better quality chocolate, the once love affair turns into outright stalking. We’re addicted and can’t get enough. That is how many feel about Pana Chocolate.

Pana Chocolate is an earth-conscious company that was founded by Pana Barbounis in Richmond, Australia. He’s different than your average chocolatier in that his company only uses raw, ethical, organic, and vegan ingredients to create their handmade delicacies. No preservatives are ever used and they are also gluten-free, dairy-free, and soy-free. They offer the best in delectable, decadent, finger-licking treats.

Pana Chocolate The Recipes

Pana Chocolate

For those who have not experienced a Pana Chocolate treat, you can purchase them online, but for those who are enthusiastic devotees, Pana has created a cookbook where you can create some of his amazing chocolate recipes at home.

The beginning of this cookbook goes right into why he has chosen to create his chocolate with raw and organic ingredients as to why he uses sustainable earth-friendly packaging. They care about where their food comes from, its impact on the earth, and how they can nourish people with healthy food.


The next section exposes exactly what ingredients they use in their recipes. They are all wholesome ingredients that you can find at your local health food store. I was surprised that they also use probiotics for its fermenting benefits and pure essential oils for flavors. This section is followed by what equipment you’ll need and it will share some basic techniques that will make it easier to duplicate the recipes.

Now the exciting part, diving into over 70 decadent recipes that will satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth. But there are also some savory recipes for those who aren’t into sweets. Recipes include:
* Filled Chocolate
* Breakfast
* Traditional Desserts
* Contemporary Desserts
* Tarts
* Petit Fours/Snacks
* Kids’ Treats
* Occasions
* Extras and Essentials

The photos are deliciously inviting; you can almost smell the sweet chocolate and aromatic spices wafting through the air. They’re also a little intimidating because they are so perfect. That being said, they’re also alluring and tempt you to get into the kitchen and whip up an amazing dessert for your family.

As I’m perusing the recipes, I’m already planning which ones to make for birthdays, picnics and the winter holidays. The recipes are five-star quality and you’ll impress everyone who tastes your creations. Pana Chocolate is a great dessert book to add to anyone’s cookbook collection.

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate this post. All opinions are mine, yours may differ.