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Paraania Oil, Discover the Secret to Flawless, Pristine Skin!

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Regardless of our age, no one wants visible signs of aging, dark circles, or acne to be the first thing people notice about us. It’s embarrassing. Telltale wrinkles, crows feet, sun spots, dry skin, sagginess, and glowless skin stand out like a neon sign. But our lifestyle, diet, and environmental factors all influence the health of our skin as well. But, just as important are the skincare products we use on our skin. Toxic ladened skincare will age you rapidly and do very little for dry, acne-prone skin. If you or your teens are constantly battling with dark spots or blemish flare-ups, then let me introduce you to Paraania Oil! After 3 years, iYURA’s newest targeted face oil is finally here!

Did you know that the Blackboard tree, most commonly used to make blackboards, can actually do something about the appearance of those dark(er) spots, the looks of those acne bumps and marks, and those blackheads and whiteheads?

Did you know that an ancient Ayurvedic formula used the bark of this tree with about 16 other herbs to enhance the visibility of youthfulness on your face?

Pairing Alstonia Scholaris or the “Blackboard-Tree” in a unique combination with Conessi Tree, Cutch Tree, Neem, something as rarely heard of in the western skin-world such as “Water-Soluble Ash of Barley” and Triphala (which has Amla, one of the highest sources of Vitamin C) among other herbs, can lead to a storm of benefits for problem skin!

The Paraania Oil is an intense vegan-formula that delivers an abundance of benefits to your skin, giving it a cleaner, purified, unabashed complexion. This power-purifier will be your natural, first to reach, go-to skincare oil. This hidden gem will be the beauty secret you’ve been searching for. 

A unique oil for uneven skin tone, dark patches and problem-prone skin, this will moisturize unclear, blemished skin and make you see noticeable changes with daily use! It does not contain any artificial binders, additives, heavy metals, or toxins of any kind. You can read all about their pure ingredients HERE.
• De-clog pores
• Deep-cleanse skin  
• Reduce the appearance of dark spots, blackheads and whiteheads naturally 
• Flaunt a clean and clear appearance of face, neck and back
• Light moisturization for the face
• Enhance glow without exposing the skin to the threat of breakouts or a sticky/oily appearance
• 1 Bottle lasts a long time

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