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Paradisal Island Escapes

Have you been dreaming of an exotic island escape?

Although it’s only October and the harsh weather hasn’t really set in, it’s only a matter of time before we have to dig out the winter gear and the snowblower. If you’re sensitive to cold weather, you may be dreaming of a warm getaway already. Or maybe you’re pondering your very first winter holiday and envision sunny skies, warm sand and crystal clear water. But where to go!

Whether you’re basking under palm trees, exploring underwater caves, sipping cocktails on white sandy beaches, discovering paradisal hideaways or interacting with wildlife, Island holidays can provide the most blissful, captivating experiences. Here are three islands worth considering for that needed escape.

Hawaii, the Adventurers Dream

Hawaii beach

Hawaii offers an unrivaled choice in diverse terrain for the adventurous traveler. Hike across ancient lava flows, climb active volcanoes, explore breathtaking cliffs and waterfalls, enjoy a luau, and of course, hit the surf and get aerial.

You can also kayak to deserted offshore islands, enjoy a submarine adventure, scour the coast for spectacular waterfalls and snorkel with giant manta rays and sea turtles. Importantly, take time to relax and experience the natural beauty and ambience of the various island of Hawaii.

Galapagos Islands – Wildlife Wonders

turtle swimming

The Galapagos is an archipelago of 19 unique islands with diverse landscapes. Situated around 1000 km off the coast of Ecuador, they are probably the most biodiverse location on the planet. Galapagos plays host to a remarkable collection of rare and indigenous species that have been able to flourish thanks to a lack of natural predators. Giant tortoise, land iguanas, sea lions, and the charming blue-footed boobies are just a few of the unique animals you can expect to encounter on a visit to this wildlife wonderland, but you’ll almost certainly see plenty more.

Idyllic beaches, imposing active volcanoes, unspoiled landscape, and remote wildlife reserves are what makes the Galapagos so intriguing. Intrepid hikers, adventurous snorkelers, and wildlife watchers need to go no further, the Galapagos has it all.

Maldives – Paradise on Earth

Maldives  beach

The Maldives are a group of 1,192 serene islands arranged into 26 natural coral atolls in the Pacific Ocean, just southwest of Sri Lanka. Splash in the impossibly turquoise lagoons and stroll along white gold beaches while you breathe in this little slice of heaven. Tourists can scuba diving and snorkel along the miles of reefs and enjoy chance encounters local marine life, eels, seahorses, turtles, dolphins, and many more.

The Maldives are a world-class surfing destination and they attract pro surfers from many global destinations. Here they are free to hit the waves with very little crowds. If surfing not for you, then you may want to paddleboard in the calm shallow waters while the ebb and flow gently rock you. These island adventures await your visit.



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