Past Lives & Akashic Records

Past lives and reincarnation, are they a theory, another New Age philosophy, or fact? Is it possible that some of us have lived many lives before incarnating to our current life? With the overflow of past lives books on the market, there must be more to it than conjecture. I think Dr. Weiss was the doctor who initially exposed the world to the possibility of past lives. Since then numerous people have come forward with their experiences and revelations. These people have shared who they were and how healing and rescripting their past lives made a significant impact on their present life.

After reading the introduction to The Hidden Power of Your Past Lives by Sandra Anne Taylor, I wanted to learn more so I read on.

The Hidden Power of Your Past Lives

Hidden Power of Past Lives

It is said that we carry encoded energies if you will, from previous lifetimes. These patterns can resurface in subsequent lives. Have you got an addiction or ailment that you just can beat? Maybe you have money issues, or you can lose weight but you can keep it off, or you have a chronic pain that has no diagnosable reason. You may also feel imprisoned or stuck in certain patterns and are unable to find a way out. They may stem from one of many past lives. The premise is that these patterns will continue to influence future lives until you learn a specific life lesson.

The author – a counselor and Psychologist – shares her own personal experiences about past lives that have caused serious asthmatic issues in her current life. She also shares many cases from her private practice on how many individuals resolved prevailing and unyielding issues in their lives. That’s not to say that your problems didn’t stem from your current life because they certainly can. But, all the case studies in the book were sourced from previous incarnations.

There are steps you can take to resolve these issues and put them to rest once and for all by rewriting, releasing, and rescripting any negative experience. These steps are crucial in order to sense and feel present life changes. The book walks you through the steps and a free meditation and affirmation CD is included. It has four tracks – Focused Regression, Releasing & Rescripting the Past, Future Life Progression, and Karmic Healing Affirmations.

The Akashic Tarot, A 62-Card Deck and Guidebook

If you are aware of the Akashic Records, then you know they are a compilation of everything all-encompassing. They are an energic archive. These records include every single human event, words, emotions, thoughts, and intentions that have occurred in the past, present, and the futures beyond. They are divine consciousness. They are fields of energy and information that contain all wisdom plus other creative and scientific knowledge and more.

Accessing your Akashic records is doable, you don’t have to be a privileged seer. They can be accessed through meditation, a psychic experience, with the assistance of Spirit and through the Akashic Tarot. I also read that you will need to have Akashic Spirit Guides assigned to you, and they will assist you in finding the information you seek. In the Akashic Records, you’ll be exposed to your world and everything beyond.

The Akashic Tarot deck is really attractive. The artwork is the nicest I’ve seen on any deck. The deck has 62 cards and it comes with a guidebook. The guidebook explains what the Akasha, Akashic Records, and the Akashic Forces are. It also shared how to use the cards effectively, a little history of the tarot, the Minor and Major Arcana, and how this deck is unique.

Disclaimer: I received a product to facilitate a review. All opinions expressed are my own, yours may differ.