Pearl Distributors Freshwater Pearl Necklace

Next to sound judgment, pearls are things I wish to adorn myself with! Lilac

Growing up, I had a lot of older relatives that wore lovely strings of creamy white pearl necklaces. I use to admire their shimmer from afar and wished I could have a single strand necklace of my own. Back then, I got the impression that pearls were mostly worn by the elderly. My mom informed me that because they were real pearls and not synthetic knock-offs, my elderly relatives were the only ones who could afford them. How things have changed as we’ve fast-forwarded into the 21st century. Thankfully, there are awesome companies that make pearl jewelry that’s completely affordable, like Pearl Distributors.

Pearl Distributors is the creator of some of the most gorgeous and stunning pearl jewelry on the market. They carry a plethora of different kinds of pearls ranging from Freshwater to the coveted Tahitian and Orient pearls. They offer an abundance of jewelry styles, colors, and prices, that will satisfy everyone’s wish list and budget.

June’s birthstone just happens to be the pearl, and I can’t think of a nicer gift to give or receive. June is also the most popular month for weddings. A bride adorned with a delicate pearl set looks so elegant and refined. Pearls add that special touch and make you feel so glamorous. I’ve also seen pearls added to veils, trains, and hats.

I received a Freshwater pearl necklace with Multi-Colored pearls. I want to mention how well they package their products. The necklace arrived in regal style, it was draped gracefully against a velvety fabric in a black jewelry box. The black box was fitted nicely in a white shipping box that made sure the necklace arrived in pristine condition, and it did.

When I first opened the jewelry box, I was mesmerized by the combination of all the soft and quiet harmonious colors that were used to create my exquisite necklace. The pearls are AA+ size 6.0 – 7.0 and beautifully round. Great care was taken to match the colors and sizes and what a great job they did. The necklace I got is 18 inches long, but you can order any length that suits you. It’s bewitching iridescent luster has a mirror-like reflection. There is a silk knot between each pearl, not all companies go the extra mile and do this step. It’s finished off with a double locking filigree 14K yellow or white gold fishhook.

I love the feel of wearing pearl jewelry, they’re warm and so soft to the skin. They look sassy and classy with jeans and uber attractive with your little black number. Pearls offer a natural, timeless beauty that can be worn to any event by any age. Pearls one of those comfortable and standby accessories that will always fit nicely on any occasion. The other day we were shopping at a local store and a young lady was dressed in a nice summer outfit and she had on a white pearl necklace. She looked quite fresh and dressy.

Check out all Pearl Distributors fabulous medley of jewelry and maybe something will catch your eye. They offer a 90-day unconditional money-back guarantee.

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary product to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.