Pearl Paradise Tahitian Baroque Earrings

For me this summer seems busy with graduations, going away parties and several weddings. Of course, showing up at these functions requires I put a lot of thought into not only what I wear but also how I accessorize. Nothing says chic and sophisticated more than a stunning pair of pearl earrings.

Pearl Paradise is an online jewelry store that carries a plethora of gorgeous pearl jewelry on the market. It’s also my utmost favorite site to peruse when looking for a gift for that special person or just to see what new item they have included in their all-star lineup. They carry every kind of pearl you can imagine like Freshwater, Akoya, Metallic, and the coveted Tahitian pearls just to name a few.

I admit that I have always yearned to possess Tahitian pearl jewelry. I use to be envious of those who were fortunate enough to sport them as their finery. Pearl Paradise has some new items they added to their Tahitian product line and how thrilled I was to receive a gorgeous pair of Tahitian Baroque Pearl Dangle Earrings. These AAA pearls originate from French Polynesia and are approximately 10.0-11.0 to 11.0-12.0 mm in size.

These exotic beauties come from the Black-lip Oyster and are frequently called Tahitian pearls. Although they are typically assigned the color black, they can exhibit a full spectrum of various colors. Different angles and different lighting will expose their playful and delightful shades that blend harmoniously with one another.

They have an endless natural beauty that beckons to be worn on any occasion. They are elegant enough to be worn out at the opera or unpretentious enough to be worn to an afternoon tea. I’ve had the opportunity to wear these Tahitian Baroque earrings with my matching necklace to several functions. What I really like is how to seem to pick up flecks of colors from any garment you are wearing. Although my earrings are more charcoal and green they graciously picked up glimmers of purples, pinks and blues. How nice they do this! They are beautifully shaped with slight differences which make them unique and appealing. They are a perfect size and hang at just the right length to be the center of attraction. Some jewelry you can only wear at certain times of the year but these earrings are timeless. I love them!

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.