PenSilly & Laser Pegs Toys

With the continuation of Covid rules and regulations, more families are looking for ways to cope with social distancing. Many are embracing this experience with a positive attitude and finding ways to make it fun. After all, if we are going to be stuck indoors, let’s make the best of it. For us, this includes a big dose of good old fashioned fun and entertainment. And playing board games and card games are at the top of our list. They’re amusing, enjoyable and involve the whole family. Boardgame and constructions kit sales are skyrocketing and people are open to playing new games they might not otherwise have acknowledged. Some new games and kits in our home are PenSilly and Laser Pegs.

PenSilly Family Game

If you like wacky and weird games, then you’ll love PenSilly. The game comes with one PENSILLY pen holder, a 2-color marker, 150 subject, and description cards, 2 reusable drawing boards, and 1 sand timer. It does require 3 AAA batteries, which are not included.

There are two levels of play – with level one, the pen doesn’t shake as much. On level two, the pen is really shaking and vibrating lots so it’s more of a challenge to draw your subject. The idea is to draw a descriptive subject and have your teammates guess what it is. But hurry, tick-tock, you are on a timer.

To play the game, you insert one of the colored pens into the PenSilly holder. You’ll hear it click when it snaps into place. Now pick a card from each deck, turn on the PenSilly holder and draw, draw, draw on the erasable whiteboards. Hold tight though because the PenSilly shakes, wiggles and jiggles all over the place. With over 5,500 potential word clue combinations, you can play for hours and hours. It’s fun, it’s silly and the whole family will have a blast. It’s the perfect game to play during the holiday season and an ideal stocking stuffer!

Laser Peg are the first lighted construction toys in the world that feed the next piece low voltage current to illuminate your creations with LED’s. And kids love them!

Laser Pegs Formula Cars

The Laser Pegs Kits allow kids to build, construct, configure, and design their own creative models using light-up pieces. The Formula Racer 4 in 1 means kids can build four different race cars, the Formula Racer, the Rally Car, the Rat Rod, or the Vintage Racer. Wheels will be smokin’! It’s a STEM toy, so they teach kids basic concepts and skills from problem-solving to cognitive thinking to basic engineering construction.

Laser Pegs Creatures
Laser Pegs Multi-Models
Laser Pegs Creatures

The Formula Racer kit comes with 57 pieces, batteries, an information sheet, and a step-by-step full-color instruction booklet. Each kit is different and will come with its own unique pieces and instructions. And there are oodles of kits to choose from. Great for kids aged 7+ and they’ll enjoy hours of creative fun.

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