Personal Transitions

There are times in everyone’s life when they seem to reach a dead-end, a sandbar, a cliff, where change is inevitable. Sometimes we get stuck there and can’t think our way out, so a nudge or guidance is needed to break us free. This is what Personal Transitions, Beyond the Comfortable into the Real is about.

Personal Transitions



Part One
1. A Question of Soul
2. A Question of Gravity
3. Smooth Transitions
4. Rough Transitions
5. The Timeless Way

Part Two
6. The Ground Trembles
7. A Knock at the Door
8. Rain and Wax
9. Song of Metamorphosis
10. A Sweet Dawn



Personal Transition is a powerful roadmap that will help us understand and walk us through the five stages of transition. There are lots of practical exercises, visualizations, meditations, and case studies that share many personal transitions.

Transitions can be smooth and fun or rocky and painful. Some of you may even go through extremely turbulent transitions, with the end result being a wonderful gift. Here is a summary of how transitioning can affect our lives:

*Embrace soul tension and soul calling
*Strip away the unreal and the superfluous
*Let go of limiting conditioning and identity
*Heal old emotional wounds
*Embrace our deep vulnerability
*Handle ambiguity, challenge, and uncertainty
*Transform old limiting habitual patterns
*Edge us out of our familiar/safety zone
*Stretch, grow, mature, open, and awaken
*Develop a strong and stable core
*Become more adaptable, capable, and resilient
*Release the fullness of our inner potential
*Allow in more flow, grace, and synchronicity
*And many more

If you’re in a stage of radical change, or what some soul-shaking, but need a helping hand, this book is ideal. It will propel you to follow your heart and find your authentic self.