Van Ness Pets for the Holidays

Pets are not just cuddly animal companions; they’re treasured members of our family. We express our love and gratitude for them by caring for their needs and making sure they get the best food, supplements and toys, along with lots of affection. It’s a given that our pets are included on our gift list every holiday season.

There are lots of pet products on the market, but not all are made from quality materials. One company that personifies quality is Van Ness Pets. Van Ness Pets is an eco-friendly company that cares about our furry friends, so they’ve designed products to meet their own industry-leading quality standard they call “Pureness.”

Van Ness Pets has a lot of great items that will make ideal Christmas gifts for our precious cats, dogs, and small animals in our lives. Check some of them out.

Ecosleeper Sustainable Premium Nest Pet Bed

With four cats, there can be some territory issues, especially when it comes to their favorite bed. I recently received the Ecosleeper Sustainable Premium Nest Pet Bed. The beds are made from premium reclaimed poly-cotton yarn and colors vary.

Ecosleeper Sustainable Premium Nest Pet Bed

The Ecosleepers are incredibly soft, so my cats found it very appealing. The base has a short fiber, and the design is created in stripes. Our bed has a pretty pattern of purple, teal, grey, turquoise, pink and black. The combination is quite striking. The inside cushion has a longer fiber that’s plush and velvet to the touch and harmonious matches the base. Our bed came with a white interior, so it works well with any base. My cat Blossom claimed this bed as her own, although she is prone to sharing. These pet beds come in various sizes and can also be used for dogs or other pets that love a soft, comfy, and snugly sleeps.

Cats love to scratch, and Van Ness knows this. They offer three different shapes and sizes of scratchers, and each one comes with a small package of certified organic catnip.

Van Ness Scratchers and Cat Nip

I was impressed that the scratchers included some organic catnip. Where I live, it’s so hard to find. I have to order it online or special order it from my local pet shop.
Van Ness Scratcher

Scratchers are a must-have for cat owners, or you can pretty much say goodbye to your furniture. Cats are naturally drawn to scratchers and for good reason. They allow cats to scratch to their heart’s content, help keep claws healthy, and prevent them from getting overgrown. Although we clip our cat nails regularly, they still instinctively want to scratch something. My cats love the scratcher’s and get totally absorbed in the feel of the corrugated and taste of the catnip. Happy place!

In addition to coming with the scratchers, Van Ness offers packages of catnip. They recommend crushing the catnip between your fingers before giving it to your cats; this releases the essential oils cats go all whacky over. It’s amazing to watch your normally composed and graceful cat develop super leaping and racing powers once they roll in some catnip. It stimulates cats to exercise and play, and it can also help relax cats if they need to travel. I always have a few bags in my home and give it to my cats a few times a week.

Van Ness products are attractive, practical, durable, and safe for your pet and the environment. Swing by their site and check out their stock. They carry items for dogs, hamsters, and other small pets. Make this Christmas special for your pets! Happy Holidays!!

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.