PetSafe Cheese Cat Interactive Toy

When it comes to their food, cats are finicky, fussy, and picky eaters. They will turn their nose up at any morsel that is not up to their standards. On the other hand, if you put a string, twist tie, or even a toilet paper roll in front of them, they will turn into a spazzed out ninja warrior. Cats love to play with anything! They’ll turn a simple household item into a playful toy and slap it around for hours.

I have four cats and my home is filled with little mice and several boxes of toys. But, my cats will also steal things off our counters and hoard them for later. Dishcloths, buttons, jewelry, coins, shoelaces, crystals, food, and other items have been used as toys in my home. Although this is cute and amusing, there are some really nice toys on the market specifically made for entertaining our cats. I recently got the Cheese Cat Toy from PetSafe and my cats are pawsitively a-mews-ed by it!

Interactive Pet Toy

PetSafe Cheese Cat Interactive Toy

The Cheese Cat toy is an electronic interactive toy that will keep your cats entertained. It requires 3 AA batteries to operate and offers two modes, One-Time-Play and Play-While-Your-Away mode. It looks just like a huge wedge of Swiss cheese, including grooves that look like the holes. There is also one hole with a mouse peeking out on both sides of the wedge.

Black and white cat poaying with a cheese and mouse toy

To activate the Cheese Cat toy, press the power button on top of the cheese. If you press once, you will hear one beep which indicates that it will start with one single play session. The mice in the toy will pop in and out of the cheese for 10 – 15 minutes and then stop automatically. If you want to stop it sooner, press the power button and hold it for 3 seconds. The toy will beep twice when it powers off.

To activate the Play-While-Your-Away mode, start with the toy off then press and hold the power button until the toy beeps 3 times. This indicates that the toy will cycle through 3 play sessions over a period of 4.5 hours. The second play session will start 2 hours after the first, and the third session will start 2 hours after the second session has ended. Each play session is 10 – 15 minutes long.

2 cats playing with a cheese and mouse toy

Most cats are immensely inquisitive and mine are no different. If we bring something new into our home, they are always ready to investigate, explore, and evaluate the situation. So, when I put the Cheese Cat toy in the center of the floor, I expected some action.

Three of my four cats were drawn to the Cheese Cat toy immediately, first out of curiosity, and then in an attempt to catch the peeking mouse. They were eagerly running around to each side trying to biff the mouse. I was surprised that they didn’t get bored, but the toy shut off after about 15 minutes, which eased their frustration. 15 minutes is a nice amount of time for my cats to play with one toy.

We put this toy on a few times a week and my cats are always enthusiastic about playing. It’s a fun toy where cats can participate in some wholesome entertainment. It’s good for some exercise, their agility, problem-solving and maybe even work off any stress or aggression, especially if they are indoor cats. Providing our beloved furry family members with engaging toys is a great way to have healthy happy cats.

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