PetSafe ScoopFree Self-Cleaning Litter Box

If you are a cat owner, you are most likely very conscious of the importance of using a reliable litter. Repulsive and offensive odors can linger and permeate throughout your home, making it unpleasant for everyone. Using a better quality litter or an efficient system that eliminates odors, will make the aromatic fragrance in your home far more agreeable. I’ve used a lot of different litters over the years, and none of them are 100% effective. There is always some evidence that you have a cat in your home. So I thought I would try a self-cleaning system and chose the Scoop-Free Self-Cleaning Litter Box from PetSafe.

Scoop-Free Self-Cleaning Litter Box 

PetSafe ScoopFree Self-Cleaning Litter Box

The PetSafe Scoop-Free Self-Cleaning Litter Box will introduce cat owners to the convenience of a virtually touch-free litter system. It comes with a rake, lid, litter tray, a tray of crystal blue litter, an adaptor and a manual. It comes assembled, you just have to add the crystals litter tray under the unit.

Like with anything new, cats are fussy and reluctant to change their die-hard habits. Introducing a new litter or in this case, a new litter system requires patience and allowing your cats to get familiar with its presence. We unboxed the system and added the crystal tray and allowed our cats to discover this peculiar looking litter box. They were curious and one of my cats started eating the crystals, there’s always one eccentric cat in the bunch. We didn’t want to scare them, so we didn’t plug the system in, which is activated by motion sensors.

PetSafe ScoopFree Self-Cleaning Litter Box

The crystals and the sensors are the keys to keeping your home fresh, the litter box maintained and your cats happy. The blue crystals are 5 times more effective at eliminating or reducing disagreeable odors and moisture compared to store brand clay and clumping litters. They dry out solid waste and absorb wetness quickly so you’re not exposed to smells and the evidence left behind. Approximately 20 minutes after each use, the automatic rake will slide the waste into the covered waste trap, isolating clumps and sealing odors. No scooping is required, and you’ll never have to touch or smell litter again. The waste trap is basically a plastic-lined cardboard box that houses all the litter waste.

PetSafe ScoopFree Self-Cleaning Litter Box

Other positive features are that the crystals are dust-free and they don’t stick to paws as much as other litters do. The litter trays have a plastic base, so you won’t have to clean up any leakage. The unit is quiet so cats won’t be afraid of spooked by the motion. You’ll never have to power wash another litter tray because you throw the whole piece out and replace it with a new one.

The litter trays come prefilled with crystals, so all you have to do is lift the unit and slide in a new tray. They suggest you change the tray every 3 – 4 weeks for a single. How often you change the tray is reflective on the number of cats you have. I have four cats, so I would have to change the tray at least once a week. Because there isn’t much litter in the tray, I’d most likely have to use two trays a week. Secret Code: absorbent

Cost is a factor. I use a natural litter that is free of dyes and perfumes and it cost me $45 for a 36 lb bag. It lasts one week with four cats. The replacement blue crystals trays cost $23 per week for one cat. So, for me, the cost would be about the same.

PetSafe gave some really good suggestions on introducing your cats to the new litter and where to place it. I have the PetSafe system next to my cat’s regular litter, and I just plugged it in recently. A few of my cats will pee on the crystals, but no solids are left. It’s a start but I’m not going to force them to use it if they don’t want to. Right now, it’s an alternative litter for them, but they are getting more familiar with it.

The PetSafe Scoop-Free Self-Cleaning Litter Box is effortless to maintain and convenient for all busy homes. Once my cats start using it completely, it will certainly cut down on litter duty and allow me more time to spend with them. Online the unit retails for $200, but you can find it on and for less.

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