Philips Shaver 9000 Review Plus

Growing up, my dad always called my brother his ‘little shaver.’ At a very young age, my brother would emulate my dad by using the ole shaving brush and soap and pretending to shave; the blade was removed of course. My dad also used a few other shaving options, a disposable blade, and an electric razor. I don’t really know which he preferred, but he liked the variety. I do recall though, that quite often, he’d have a few patches of tissue paper stuck to his face to absorb blood from a too close shave. Over the decades since, razors have come a long way in performance and versatility.

Today with the advancement in technology and heightened awareness in hygiene, companies like Philips are raising the bar and designing high-end savvy grooming products. New to their line is the Philips Shaver Series 9000.

Philips Shaver Series 9000The Philips Shaver Series 9000 is the most advanced shaver to hit the market. This groomer and face styling system is in a league of its own. It comes with a trimmer attachment, travel case, and the SmartClean PRO System.

The handsome and sleek body of the Series 9000 features LED displays for speed and battery life. Press the power button and you’ll see both display areas light up briefly. There are three comfort settings, Slow for a gentle and light shave, Medium for a basic but thorough shave, and Fast for a vigorous and deeper shave. You’ll need to press the negative and positive buttons to adjust your speed. The battery life symbol has five lines that will flash orange and make a sound when it needs recharging. It has a lithium battery that offers up to 50 minutes of use after a one hour charge. A quick 5-minute recharge will allow for another full shave.

The Series 9000 introduces the newly designed, Contour Detect Technology, where the three shaving heads move independently of each other in eight directions and cuts up to 20 percent more hair in a single pass. The shaving heads offer the most versatility we’ve seen in a razor. It literally moves with the contours of your face. The instructions tell us to move the shaver over your skin in circular movements; making straight lines is discouraged.

To use the trimmer, you simply pull off the shaver head and replace it with the trimmer attachment. My husband has a goatee, so he is constantly primping, trimming, styling, and making sure it’s symmetrical. He liked how straight and defined he could get his sideburns and mustache. The trimmer is also great for eyebrows, neck area front & back, and overall, your basic beard.

With the Aqua Tec Technology, you can use the razor on dry or wet skin, or with or without shaving cream or foam. It’s just a matter of preference. My husband tried all three ways; his preference is the wet skin option. He also tried all three speeds, and his favorite is medium. He found using the razor on dry skin at high speed agitated his skin; he felt a burning heat. However, the wet skin option on medium speed created the ideal comfort and performance levels for him. The manual informs users that your skin will need time to adapt to any new shaving system, so you may or may not experience irritation.

The SmartClean System is quite unique. It’s a cleaning system that uses a non-alcohol, skin-friendly formula to remove hair, foam, and gel through a dual filtration system. After 30 days of use, it will be ready for cleaning. You’ll want to make use it has the shaver head attached to the razor. You flip it upside down and face it toward the SmartClean System; it snaps into place easily. There’s a button on the side of the SmartClean System that opens the cartridge compartment. Remove the seal from the cleaning cartridge and place it in the tray and close. Then, you’ll press down the top cap to connect the shaver, and it will start cleaning. After each cycle, the SmartClean system also thoroughly dries and charges the shaver it, so it’s always ready to go. When cleaning is completed, which takes about 30 minutes, the ‘ready’ symbol lights up continuously.

My husband is impressed with the Philips 9000 Series, it’s the best shaver he’s used to date. He really likes all its features, it’s long battery life, and how easy it is to manipulate while styling. He definitely recommends it to all guys fussy about their appearance.

For the young guy who’s just coming into his own with a “real world” grooming routine, the Philips Click & Style is a complete all-in-one system equipped with three attachments that are easy to click on and off for shaving, styling and grooming. This tool provides the versatility and convenience to achieve any style, giving guys the confidence to work their magic – whether it’s a clean shave for the office or groomed stubble for the weekend.

Philips Click & Style
Product features include:
*Click-on, click-off technology to easily switch between shaving, facial styling, or body grooming with a single product
*Two-headed shaver with ComfortCut blades glide smoothly over the skin for an extremely close, yet comfortable shave without nicks or cuts
*Shave wet with shaving cream for extra skin protection or dry for convenience; 100% waterproof technology
*Beard styler with five lengths for the perfect stubble or a neatly trimmed beard
*Skin-friendly Bodygroom shaver designed for a close and comfortable shave or trim on all areas below the neck

Additional benefits:
*Fully charges in one hour for 40 minutes of cordless use, but also has a
10-minute quick charge for 10 minutes of cordless use, so it’s always
ready for a shave
*Battery light indicator displays power charge level
Suggested Retail Price: Model YS521/17 is $69.99

No matter what your budget, Philips has a razor that will keep you groomed to perfection. Both of these razors would make awesome Father’s Day or Graduation gifts.

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.