Pictures on Gold for the Holidays!

Have you sometimes noticed that a gift you gave to a friend or family member is being used or worn by someone else? Sometimes I will spend hours trying to find a perfect gift for someone and it’s a little disheartening to see their child wearing it or even worse, they’ve re-gifted it. It happens! So this year my gift ideas are geared to a more personal level with Pictures on Gold jewelry.

Pictures on Gold is a fabulous online site that offers the loveliest jewelry from lockets, bracelets, rings, and watches to personalized items. I love perusing through their site and gleaning some suggestions from their beautiful photos. One item that stands out is their Name Jewelry. You can’t get jewelry more personal than having the recipient’s name on it.

Pictures on Gold name jewelryThey offer the name necklaces in 3 different precious metals, gold, white gold, and sterling silver. They also have several different styles, shapes, and fonts to choose from. Some names are horizontal, others vertical. I love the special feature of adding a birthstone or diamonds, or perhaps you would like both on your necklace, this is certainly an option.

I love both gold and white gold but I don’t own very many white gold jewelry pieces. I received the stunning 14K White Gold “Script” Style Horizontal Name Necklace with Box Chain. Having an unusual first name, I’ve never been able to find anything with my name on it. I have to admit it was rather heartwarming and special to see my name first of all spelled right, and secondly on a necklace. It’s a first.

Pictures on Gold name jewelry

Even though the necklace is solid with a fairly thick font, it’s still quite dainty. The font or nameplate sizes range from 3/4 inch to 2inches wide & approximately 1/2 Inch tall. The script I chose is really lovely and has a romantic essence to it. I like refined and delicate jewelry and this necklace fits well with my personality.

The necklace has a super high polish look that reflects elegantly as you move. It comes with a box chain made of the same metal as your nameplate and together they look impressive. The chain is available from 14 – 20 inches. I think this is awesome because I have a lot of little girls in my family that would require a shorter chain length. When the opportunity presents itself they try to find items with their names on it, but they have really unusual names as well. Some people don’t use their real names but prefer to be called by their nickname. Or maybe you just prefer your initials. Pictures on Gold is happy to honor your preference.

The necklace is well constructed, all edges and curves are smooth and blunt. The letters are perfect, even the dot above the “i” in my name. The chain is durable and is attached to the nameplate with sturdy loops. It’s designed to last a lifetime.

The holiday season is rapidly approaching so now is the time to be considering your gifts. I think it would be wonderful and a little unexpected to give a special person a unique gift with their name on it. No worries about Christmas orders. I really appreciated was how quickly Pictures on Gold had my order ready and mailed out to me. They ship within one business day and I don’t know too many businesses that have this quick of service. I highly recommend their products, you will not be disappointed.

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.