Pictures on Gold Build Your Own Locket

The malls are bursting with people starting their holiday shopping, and I happen to be one of them. As I glance over the bling at the jewelry store, I can’t help but notice how generic all the pieces are. I’ve seen the same pieces over and over and I even own a few of them. You’re not likely to find a personalized or unique piece unless you commission it. Shopping for a piece of jewelry for someone special is personal and I want to give them something no one else has. This year I can do that with one of my favorite online jewelry companies, Pictures on Gold.

Pictures On Gold offers an abundance of jewelry for every member of the family. This holiday season, they’ve done something really special. They’ve launched the Build Your Own Sterling Silver 2 Picture Heart Locket application, where we can literally design our own locket by following a few simple steps. I got to try this process out and it’s by far the easiest order I’ve ever put through.

You start off with a plain Sterling Silver 2 Heart Locket, so, in essence, a blank slate. You choose what you want on the front, inside and the back. Step one is deciding what you want on the front. You have the option of clipart, text, monogram, or nothing at all. For me, I wanted some inspirational words, so I chose one of my very favorite quotes.
Pictures on Gold LocketYou can opt for block or script text, I love the elegant look of the script so this was my choice. Click ‘Preview’ and you can view what your choice will look like on the front of your locket. If you’re happy with your selection, then you can move on to the second step by pressing the ‘next step’ button.

Step two and three are where you can put your cherished photos. You don’t have to put photos inside, you have the same options as step one, blank, clipart, text or a photo. I chose to put photos of two of my precious cats. Now I have the option of 3 different methods of insertion, Color Laser Engraved, Laser Engraved, or Paper Photo. I went with the color laser engraved method. Click upload and choose your photos for each side.
Pictures on Gold Locket choosing your photoHere you can manipulate the photos to your liking. You can rotate, enlarge and move it in any direction. You’re also shown a summary of your choices below so you don’t have to go back or wonder what you did. Once you have your photos exactly as you like them, you can move on to the final step.

Step four is where you choose what you want on the back. You have three options, blank, text, and monogram. I put another endearing quote on my locket because that’s just what resonated with me. But, for the sake of showing you something different, I put a monogram on the back so you can see its potential. When you’re satisfied with your choice, click next step. You’ll be taken to a screen where you can choose your chain, this locket came witan an 18 inch Rolo Sterling Silver chain, but there are other options. Once you’ve made your choice of chain, press next step.

Pictures on Gold Locket designsThis last page is where you can preview your personalized creation and decide if it’s exactly what you want. If not, just go back and make your adjustments. When you’re completely happy with your gorgeous locket, press add to cart and you’re done.
Pictures on Gold Locket with engravingPictures on Gold Locket photos

Pictures on Gold has made this experience very special. I thoroughly enjoyed the process, it’s so well thought out and so easy to maneuver through. Here I can construct and fashion a piece of jewel to my own taste, or create one for a loved one. It will be a piece no one else will have, only the gift receiver.

Personalized gifts are so appealing and very well received. They speak from the heart and become treasured family heirlooms. If you’ve been searching for a noteworthy gift with lots of personalized character, then I highly recommend Build Your Own Locket. I also want to mention how incredibly fast and efficient they are. I had my locket in no time and it’s exactly as I designed it. I absolutely love it! What a perfect gift to give this holiday season! HaPpY HoLiDaYs!

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.