PiYo Challenge Pack

When it comes to exercise and workouts, I think we can all agree that Beach Body offers a plethora of various programs where at least one of them will resonate with us. I’m sure you’ve seen their influential infomercials on late night TV. Recently I was talking with Jackie Welch, an independent Beach Body Coach, about a program I’ve never heard of, PiYo.

A word from Jackie: It is Beachbody’s mission to end the obesity epidemic in our nation. One of the things I love about this company. I also saw someone mention our Challenge Groups. They are truly the best part of being a Coach. It is where I have the opportunity to really connect and build relationships with my challenges. If you have any questions about finding the best program for you please don’t hesitate to contact me. I love sharing and helping people make that transformation to a healthier version of their self.

PiYo is a workout program that offers a combination of Pilates and Yoga moves morphed together to give you the best of both worlds. PiYo offers you stretch, strength, flexibility, interval training, and fat burning in one really unique, body-defining program.

piyo fitness program

What exactly do you get with the PiYo program?
The PiYo Challenge Pack will include:
8 Workouts plus 1 Bonus workout on 3 DVDs
*PiYo Quick Start Guide
*PiYo Workout Calendar
*Get Lean Eating Plan
*Tape Measure
*30 Day Supply of Shakeology
*Free 30 Day Trial Membership to the Team Beachbody Club.

So, how does this program work? Each day you will be doing a different low impact workout to hone in on target muscle groups and give you some needed variety. To be honest, you’ll be working out every muscle in each DVD anyway, but in varying degrees. The workouts can be intense and will challenge you, but no fear, they also provide a modifier so you can start off slow or at a lower intensity. Here’s a breakdown of each workout.

Disc One:
Align: The Fundamentals, 42:00 minutes. Day 1. This is the backbone of the program. Here you’ll be taught all the moves and poses that are in the PiYo program. You may not be able to do a full move or pose, but it’s crucial to have alignment. Being that I’m really not that familiar with either Pilates or Yoga, I had to stay in day 1 for a few days until I consciously understood the correct position of each move, and there are a lot of them. You’ll learn postures, poses, and moves like the Plank, Child’s Pose, Chaturanga & Up Dog, Down Dog, and the Warrior Series just to name a few. You also learn how to customize your moves so they are comfortable yet still very effective. This DVD alone is a workout.
Define Lower Body: 21:00 minutes. Day 2. What gal doesn’t want gorgeous legs? Focusing on the thighs, calves and buttocks, this workout will have you doing a Warm Up, Heat Building, Warrior Series, Balance Series, and Down Dog Series to reshape your entire lower body.
Define Upper Body: 19:00 minutes. Day 3. Have you got those flabby wings? This workout will sculpt, chisel, and define your arms so they look fabulous. Here Chalene takes you through the Upper Body Fusion, Core & More, and the Strength Series. Great for the chest as well.
Sweat: 37:00 minutes. Day 4. This is a faster-paced flow and cardio workout that effects the entire body.


Disc Two:
Core: 30:00 minutes. You’ll be introduced to this workout in week two. It works your powerhouse, your abs. If you have a weak core or flabby abs, it can lead to a host of problems, like back issues. This workout will lengthen, strengthen, tone, tighten, and sculpt your obliques, back, and abs. Some exercises included are the Prone Exercises, Supine & Side Plank, PiYo Pedal & Punter and more.
Buns: 29:00 minutes. This workout totally focuses on the glutes to tighten, lift, and define so you have the perfect peachy butt!! Exercises included are Squats & Sumos, Lunges & Bowlers, and more.
Strength Intervals: 22:00 minutes. This is a high heat, non- stop workout that does not use any weights, just your own body resistance. Burn, burn, burn those calories. It includes exercises for the whole body: Legs, Squats & Sumos, and Tricep, Biceps, and Shoulders.

Disc 3:
Drench: 48:00 minutes. The workout is designed to maximize fat burning and jump-start your metabolism. You’ll get your heart pumping and your muscles throbbing with these fast-paced, endurance building moves.
Sculpt: 27:00 minutes. Here your muscles will be challenged and you’re going to feel the burn as you hold each position.
Bonus: TurboFire: 19:00 minutes. This is a low impact, but seriously intense workout. You’ll have intervals of moderate exercises to superfast moves intermittently. A siren is your cue to give it your all for one whole minute. Trust me, your muscles will be begging for mercy!

First I want to say that Chalene is a pleasure to watch and listen to. She talks to you in a normal tone instead of barking orders like other fitness DVD’s I’ve used in the past. She’s cheerful and keeps you focused and motivated.

When I first began the program, I had to focus on the fundamentals for several days as I’m really awkward with the moves. So to start off, I decided to do the workouts every second day and this has worked out well for me. What I’ve noticed is how my strength and endurance is slowing building up. I’m also seeing slight definition revealing itself all over my body. I admit that some of the workouts are tough, but I follow the gal who does the modifications for low intensity. You can also go right into a child pose if you feel you need to take a break and recover a bit. You’ll soon find that you need fewer timeouts in your workouts and you’ll be able to keep the pace, at least this has been my experience.

I continue to do 3 to 4 workouts every week, and I’m getting better and better each time and that is such a good feeling. The workouts are low impact, so it doesn’t add any stress to your joints, which is an area of concern for me. I love this program and would definitely recommend it to anyone who is looking to totally reshape their body. It has a powerful effect on your mind as well. As you see yourself transform into the body you’ve only dreamed about, you’ll be pumped up to follow through with the program.


No workout program is really complete without a clean diet. Most of us eat a nutrient-depleted diet, so having a supplement to boost our nutritional needs is vital. Shakeology is a vegan meal replacement that offers us our daily dose of dense superfood nutrition. This uber delicious shake has an abundance of wholesome ingredients: rose hips, acai berries, blueberries, cinnamon, pomegranates, quinoa, Acerola cherries, goji berries, yacon root, astragalus root, Himalayan salt, Maca root, and Chia seeds. Each of these ingredients will boost your energy, help with cravings, and provide you with the healthiest nutrition to start your day.


Shakeology comes in two flavors, Tropical Strawberry Twist and Chocolate Delight. There are 12 individual packages of each flavor in a months supply, and included is a fabulous 30-day recipe guide for each of the flavors. Oh my goodness, they are so scrumptious. My favorites are the Carrot Cake, Harvest Pie, Maple-Nana, and PB & J. I personally like to add a handful of dark leafy greens to each, but you don’t have to, just put all your ingredients in a blender and you’re set. You can also get creative and make your own recipe up.

With this dynamic duo, PiYo, and Shakeology, you will definitely lose weight, burn fat, and tone those areas that you’ve hidden under big baggy clothes for a long time. You’ll see results quite quickly and perhaps even dramatically. It’s perfect for women, men and kids of all ages and fitness levels. If you’re unsure where to start, I would highly recommend speaking with Jackie Welch about all your fitness goals. She has the fitness knowledge and walks the walk. Check out all the success stories on her site and get inspired.

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.