PiYo Fitness Challenge Follow Up

So in a perfect world, we’d all be a size 4 and able to eat unconsciously without it affecting our weight. Right? Actually, there are people blessed with these attributes, but for the rest of us who grapple with diet and exercise, we have to intentionally focus and make wiser decisions which produce better results.

One of the best decisions we can make is following a regular exercise program that we love, that resonates with us, that we can totally zone into and know it’s going to make a big impact on our bodies. When exercise affects us physically, when we see our muscles morphing and toning into the diva we know we truly are, this has a profound effect on our mind and spirit as well. We’re more positive and determined to follow through and not buckle under any circumstances. Have you ever had a program that makes you feel this way? I have, and it’s PiYo. I have Jackie Welch to thank for introducing me to PiYo. I wrote my review on this rockin’ program last month, you can check it out here.


I personally did not do or know very much about yoga or pilates before PiYo, but I heard so many positive comments about them. If you happen to have a passion for either or are new to both, I can tell you that you will totally enjoy this program.

So, what do I love about PiYo? Well, I cannot believe the increased strength, flexibility, and stamina I have. My posture has improved, my digestion is better, and my disposition is calmer. I manage stairs and hills so much better now. Credulous as it may sound, I promise you, PiYo will have a genuinely positive effect on your body.

I do the program 2 to 3 times a week, along with my walking and hiking and it has definitely made me more agile. When I started out, I could not even remotely do a full modified move. I had to stretch the best I could without feeling pain or discomfort knowing that my muscles will stretch and comply in time. Like any new fitness program, you have to learn the moves and stick with it until it becomes second nature. I’m so glad I did, I love what it’s done for my body.

So, the bottom line is, I would definitely recommend Chalene Johnson’s PiYo program to anyone wanting to make subtle to serious changes to their bodies. For those who are interested in starting a new fitness program like PiYo but might be a little hesitant or unsure, swing by Jackie’s website and message her with your concerns. Jackie is a certified BeachBody coach so she’s walked the walk. She will be more than happy to help you achieve your fitness goals.