Plaid Hat Patterns

I’m truly one of those people who are mad about plaid. I adore the variety of prints, but I’m completely smitten with anything that is made from buffalo plaid. The fashion trend right now is plaid, plaid and more plaid. From tops to pants to coats to even shoes and boots, everything is made from a medley of colorful checkers. The world has discovered there is more to plaid than just kilts and blankets. Everyone is tickled about tartans. The prints are timeless, classy and beautiful.

Plaid patterns have also made their way into the knitting and crocheting world. You can find a wide range of patterns for just about any garment. This year for the holidays I’ve been making tons of plaid hats and the demand is high. I’m having trouble keeping up with requests from family, friends and their friends.

Red and Black plaid hat with black pom pom

I found a couple of crochet patterns online that are easy to make and you can whip up quickly. The traditional Buffalo Plaid Hat is my favorite.

Black, grey and white plaid hat with white pom pom.

I used the same pattern and created another plaid version. I love the combination of black, grey and white. The guys seem to really like the more subtle colors.

I found another adorable pattern for a slouchy plaid hat online. The combo of colors is appealing to both kids and adults.

red, pink and white crocheted plaid hat with pom pom

Some plaids have more than three colors and that can be a bit complicated to create. I keep it simple with three harmonious colors for each hat. Just choose three colors you like and create your own plaid. I’ve even used a variegated yarn with two solid colors and I love the look.

Huge pom poms are all the rage, and they can be costly. I have bought a few, but they don’t keep their shape well and can matt easily. I make my own with either fun fur or the yarn itself.

All the patterns use worsted-weight yarn, which is easy to find and comes in numerous colors. It takes me about 1 1/2 hours to make a hat reflective of the size. Baby hats take about an hour. So if you’re looking for some trendy crochet plaid patterns for this holiday season, I recommend the two patterns I’ve used.