Planning the Perfect Baby Shower, Even During Covid

It’s always exciting to hear when a friend or relative is expecting a baby. Nursery decorating, buying cute outfits, and choosing a name are a few of the fun things the family looks forward to. Baby showers are fun events and a great way to celebrate new life and share some parenting tips and fun stories. If you’re thinking of throwing a baby shower, then here are a few hacks that will make this occasion Stork worthy.

sleeping baby wearing a cute crocheted hat

These suggestions are for baby showers under normal circumstances. With health and safety concerns during Covid, we have to maintain social distancing and avoid large gatherings. But this shouldn’t deter us from welcoming a new little life into the world.

The following hacks can still be tweaked, modified, and applied to an online virtual party. We just have to use some ingenuity and our imagination and plan accordingly to make it a memorable occasion for all. Social platforms like Skype, Zoom and Google Meet are popular for people to mingle, catch up with each other, and yes, even host a baby shower. But, I also learned about Web Baby Shower which caters to people planning virtual baby showers. So, you may want to check them out first.

Who Can Host a Baby Shower

Normally a baby shower is hosted by a relative of one of the parents-to-be, but a friend can also offer their home for this function. But, times have changed and today family, close friends, neighbors or even co-workers can throw a baby shower. A famous quote says, it’s okay to remember the importance of traditions, just don’t give them power over you.

Choose a Date and Time

Although baby showers can be held anytime, they’re normally done in the third trimester, about a month or two before the due date. First, you need to consult the parents-to-be when setting a date for the party. If your schedules don’t jive, then it will be in vain to plan a party and send out invitations when the most important people cannot attend. Consideration might need to be given to those traveling from out of town. Plus, you don’t have to run the show yourself; let the grandmas have some say as well. With virtual baby showers, help may be needed to download apps and log onto the platforms. So check with your guests if they need any assistance. No one wants to be left out.

Make a Guest List & Invitations

Consult the mom-to-be along with her closest family members and friends and ask who they would like invited to the baby shower. Get a list of names along with their emails or phone number so you can invite them. You have the option of sending paper invitations or digital evites to guests. We are moving more toward a paperless world, so sending electronic invitations is the way to go, especially if you are hosting a virtual baby shower. After your guests have accepted your invitation, send a detailed schedule of the events that will happen during the shower. It’s suggested that most virtual baby showers last around 1½ hours or so.

Choosing a Theme

Choosing a theme for a baby shower can be simple or complicated, reflective of your approach. You can get inspirational ideas off the web, from magazines, or from family members, so don’t panic. You can choose a nursery decor with pacifiers, bottles, etc., nursery rhymes, nature with baby animals, a specific color or realm of colors, green or eco-friendly, family heritage, circus, fairy kingdom, the beach, and the list goes on. Once you choose your theme, go shopping for matching supplies and decorations. Even if you are having a virtual baby shower, it’s fun to set up your background with an adorable theme.

Refreshments & Games

We’re all on a budget, so consider asking guests to bring their favorite finger foods, potluck dish, or dessert. Try to serve foods that work with your theme if at all possible. Keep it simple, yet tastefully elegant.

Games are a lot of fun at a baby shower. There are a plethora of games on the web to choose from – like guessing the baby’s name, baby bingo, nursery rhyme trivia, name that baby tune, baby food game, and many others. Have paper, pencils, and other supplies ready to play these games. For those hosting a virtual baby shower, you can find lots of game suggestions online.

Choosing the Perfect Baby Gift

crocheted rattles for a baby shower gift

New moms need everything, so it’s common now for them to register at a specific store for baby items they require. This makes a lot of sense and avoids duplicate gifts. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t make your own gifts if you are a crafty person. I love to crochet and make baby items like Lovies and baby rattles. They’re adorable, easy, and fun to make.

To ensure everyone enjoys seeing all the gifts mom-to-be has received for her virtual baby shower, drop off your gift a few weeks in advance. As mom opens the gifts, she can record who sent each gift and send a virtual thank you note later on.

Planning a baby shower and celebrating a new life during Covid will make us resourceful. Right now we have to adapt to these temporary changes. But we can still have it a blast and an event that we will never forget!