Play-Doh Easter Ideas

Easter is a special day on several levels, and we each have our own way of celebrating it. Many families fill this holiday with lots of events like egg hunting, egg decorating, and doing lots of fun crafts. Creating colorful Easter baskets filled with treats and toys is also a big hit. More and more people are opting to create candy-free baskets, and I happen to like this idea. There are oodles of products and toys that would go perfectly in a basket, and Hasbro offers lots of Easter gift ideas. I’d love to share a few of them with you.

Hasbro Luvimals PupThe FurReal Luvimals are totally adorable; seriously they are as cute as a button. I received the Sweet Singin’ Pup, who is a cute mini pet that fits nicely in a child’s hand. It comes with a FurReal tag and two alkaline batteries. The pup has a sweet little face and a furry little body that you just want to hug all day. When you press on the middle of its back, the pup will happily sing melodic notes, he’ll also bark and pant for you. The Luvimals come in all sorts of critters; you can get a kitty, a bunny, and a piggy. They all have their own singing notes, and when you put them together, they harmonize. The kiddo’s really dig them, great for ages 4+! They retail for about $10.

Hasbro Playdoh eggs

The Play-Doh Spring Eggs have arrived and are flaunting their perfect soft pastel Easter colors. Each egg has Play-Doh inside that matches the color of its shell, and it’s the right amount to create a project or two. When you’re all done creating, you can put the Play-Doh back in the egg to keep it soft and pliable. For ages 2+. Retails for around $9.

Hasbro Playdoh Bunny and Chick stamps

The Play-Doh Bunny & Chick Stampers is part of Hasbro’s Treat Without the Sweet line. The cute duo set is a great companion to the Spring Eggs and adds the perfect touch to any Easter basket. The kit I received came with a purple bunny and a pink chick. When you open them up, there is a small sealed bag of Play-Doh inside. The bunny contains lavender Play-Doh, and the chick has yellow Play-Doh. The bottom of their feet doubles as a stamper, the bunny has a carrot and the chick has a baby chick. Once you take the Play-Doh out of the package and roll it out, you can begin hopping and stamping around the dough. The stamp will leave impressions of the feet and the carrot or chick. They also have another kit which comes with a blue bunny and a yellow chick. Ages 3+. Retails for around $5. They’re cute, colorful and loads of fun.

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.